Aggressive Behavior in Dogs Toward Other Dogs

Have you ever seen your dog suddenly aggressive towards other dogs when you are on a walk with it? This one is a common thing for most dog owners. It can make your comfortable outing into a stressful one. But do you know the exact cause of why your dog does it with you? It is not easy to guess the reason as it sounds.
In this article, you will get to know why and how to stop dog aggression towards other dogs.

What is Aggression?

There is a wide variety of behavior when it comes to the name of aggression. Usually, the aggression of a dog means your pet dog wants to harm any other dog without or with any reason. Your dog can start to do the unwanted behavior that you won’t want them to behave. There are many reasons for your dog to behave like this.

Aggressive dogs usually behave like this sometimes due to their lacking social skill. For dogs, aggression means violence. Some dogs are known as naturally aggressive dogs. 

Signs Of Aggression

Before your dog starts to behave aggressively it already shows some warning signs that can warn you. If you observe the body language of your dog, then you will know what you need to do. Here we are mentioning some of the symptoms that will help you to whether your dog is aggressive or not.

  • Start tucking the tail under
  • Licking the lips
  • Backs away when it sees another dog.
  • Growls
  • Try to punch with nose
  • Shows teeth
  • Barks aggressively that sounds threatening
  • Aggressive encounter with other canines 

These are the symptoms of aggression in dogs. There are also other signs you will see when your dog starts to behave aggressively.

Signs Of Aggression

Types of dogs give Aggression reaction:

There are usually two types of dogs that give an aggressive reaction. And these are:

  • Outer dog Aggression
  • Inter dog Aggression

Now you will get a short description of them.

Outer dog Aggression

Outer dog means when a dog suddenly gives an aggressive reaction towards other dogs outside. Imagine you are on a walk with your dog at a park. And your dog behaves in aggression towards the other dogs. And it can turn into a dangerous situation. It can make your peaceful time into a stressful one.

Inter Dog Aggression

Inter dog means when a dog suddenly aggressive to other dogs in the house. Usually, people think it is normal for dogs to become hostile toward other dogs in the house. But sometimes, the situation can go out of control. Dogs do this when they are mature or reach puberty.

Types of Aggression in Dogs

When your dog starts biting, snapping, lip lifting, growling, and lunging towards another dog, it means your dog has aggression toward other dogs. It doesn’t matter if the dog is an outer dog or inter-dog. You will get to understand it when you carefully see your dog’s body postures and expressions. 

There are many levels of aggression. And you have to understand that. There are many reasons for your dog’s aggression issues. So if you want to fix this type of behavior, you need to understand the problem.

Protective Aggression:

Usually, family dogs possess protective aggression because they one to protect the family they are living in. Even if your dog feels one member of your house is in danger, then it starts to show aggressive behavior. You can see this type of behavior in both male and female dogs.

Your dog can show aggression when it has a puppy to protect. This type of aggression is not for fighting. It is rather than to protect its close ones.

Territorial Aggression

Your dog can show aggression to defend from an intruder. To protect the pet parent’s home, your dog can do this type of behavior. Dogs have a strong sixth sense. So they know when an intruder comes home to attack. In this scary situation, your dog will most likely protect you from these things. And that’s when your dog starts to behave aggressively.

Predatory Aggression:

This one is basic canine aggression that some dogs do without any exact reason. There are no warnings before a dog’s Predatory Aggression. It is kind of out of the blue. Usually, rude dogs do this. They will do some offensive postures to fear people and dogs for no reason. They will not show their teeth or any growl. But most of the family dogs don’t do this.

Frustration elicited Aggression

When a dog is excited about something but can’t do the thing, that’s when it has frustration elicited aggression. Usually, it behaves with the one that stops the dog from what it wants to do. That’s the reason why some friendly dogs start to behave strangely. This one happens with both male and female dogs and puppies. You need to show affection toward your dog if something like this happens.

Pain elicited Aggression

A gentle dog can be aggressive toward the people it loves because of the pain. Infection or physical pain, or whatever happens to your dog can lead your dog to have an aggressive outburst. Shock collars or basket muzzle can cause your dog pain. And that’s why your pet dogs can behave like this.

Leash Aggression

To keep pet dogs safe, we often let them wear a leash. But it is the reason for your dog’s aggression toward people. Even calm dogs also start to behave like this. A leash can be a reason for stress for dogs. You can get a relaxed leash for your dog instead of the regular ones if your dog behaves like this. It can help you have a comfortable walking with your dog.

Possessive Aggression

Dogs can be possessive about anything. From the chew bone to their owner, they can get possessive about anything. So if your pet dog feels someone is trying to take its belongings, then it starts to behave rudely. Both puppy and adult dogs can behave like this.

Fear Aggression

Sometimes fearful dogs can behave aggressively because of the fearful energy. It is because of some traumatic event in the past caused by the previous owner triggers your dog can force to behave like this. A fearful dog can bite you and run. They usually don’t show their teeth. So hearing their growling, you need to understand.

Defensive Aggression

Aggression is similar to fear of aggression. Unlike the previous one, your dog will likely give a fight response based on the traumatic encounter. The dog has the intention of fighting that fear dogs doesn’t possess. This one happens usually to adult dogs rather than puppies. Because puppies don’t have the confidence like adult dogs.

Aggression Towards Other Animals, Strangers, Family Members

There are many reasons for your dog to feel aggression towards the surrounding peoples. It is common for dogs to get aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs and people. Usually, most of the dogs bark toward unfamiliar people and dogs.

It is uncommon for dogs to bark at family members. But many causes create aggression in dogs. Sometimes the reason can be because of past experiences, or maybe you haven’t trained your dog enough to cope with other behaviors. There are also causes such as abuse, ignorance, etc. Because of traumatic experiences, your dog will start to behave like this.

The owner’s behavior can influence your dogs to behave. If your dog has these experiences, then your dog can develop aggressive behavior. If your dog suffers from these events, then you need to make sure you are taking care of your dog. Genetics is the reason for your dog to behave aggressively. And it can create continuous tension among the family members.

How to stop dog aggression towards other dogs

The first thing you have to do is be calm when your dog is aggressive toward other dogs. Because punishing a dog is not a solution. When your dog meets with another dog, it can cause some stress because of it. At first, you have to make sure the greetings are short. When you see your dog starts to behave aggressively with the other dogs, take your dog out of the place.

Make sure to teach your dog how to avoid it when it reacts aggressively towards other dogs. Also, you can take a dog boarding service to keep it along and give some training.

Operate with Your Veterinarian

After reading this article, it must be clear for you the reason for your dog’s aggression. As you know, most of the dog behave like this due to physical and medical condition. So it would be better to meet up with a veterinarian regularly. Sometimes it can cause you much vet bills than regular but it will ensure the safety of your dog. This one is one of the basic steps that you can do for your dog.

You also have to make sure to make a proper diet for your dog along with a doctor. And if there is a problem with your dog’s health, then the vet will help you to treat your dog.

Work with a Professional Behavior Consultant

You can go to a professional behavior consult for behavior modification to get rid of unwanted behavior from your dog. Make sure to visit professional animal behaviorists to ensure ideal training methods. A positive reinforcement training will also work for your dog. Make sure the training session doesn’t let your dog feel bad or anything. The trainer has to be a qualified professional enough to help your dog.

Neutral Experiences

You can help your dog to gain neutral experiences with the other dogs. You can meet up with your dog with other pet dogs and make sure there is no violence between dogs. Make sure they have safer interactions. It will also work as obedience training for your dog. Doing exercise with other dogs will also help.

Keep Realistic Expectation:

Your dog won’t improve in one day. So make sure to keep realistic expectations from your dog. It will help you to keep a slow process in the training. Even if your dog still has bad behavior, make sure to keep patience.

Positive Interrupts:

If you feel like your dog is getting obsessed over something such as a food bowl or treat, do positive interrupts on it. In this way, you can avoid your dog’s possessive aggression. You can get rid of obsessive behavior.

Can You Cure Aggression?

After reading this article, many pet parents must be thinking is possible to cure aggression? The answer to the question is it is not entirely possible to cure aggression. The only thing you can do is avoid those types of situations that are the main reason for your dog’s this behavior. So make sure never to let your guard down. You can do a dog to dog aggression training.

Can You Cure Aggression

Is There Any Breed that Aggressive than The Other Breeds?

Some breeds are aggressive than the other breeds. Some people think only large breeds are aggressive. but it is not right because dogs like Jack Russell terrier, pit bull terrier, chihuahua, german shepherd, etc are known as aggressive dogs. But on the other hand border collies, Great Danes are known as gentle giants. They are friendly dogs.

But it is better not to judge a dog by its breed. Because sometimes it happens because of the conflict between the pets.

How do you recognize fear-based or defensive aggression toward unfamiliar dogs?

There is a thin line between fear-based and aggression. The common mistake of people is not to recognize which one is your dog is suffering. 

A fearful dog always avoids eye contact and try to invisible its presence. But when it comes to the point of aggression, the dog will give an aggressive response. Its stimulus will be enough strong to start conflicts with the other dogs.

If you don’t understand anything then it is better to go for a veterinary behaviorist or any professional trainer for your dog. Because their technique will give you the perfect result that you want. They will know based on the dog’s body posture.

But in the end, the result will be the same as both of these will lead your dog to aggression and causes physical damage. So it is better to have a controlled environment.

How to socialize an aggressive dog

You have to do social interaction to socialize your aggressive dog. It is because the lack of socialization can be the reason for your dog’s behavior. There are many ways to improve your dog’s social skills.

  • If your dog is an adult, then make sure to make it wake up early in the morning. And then introduce your dog to others. Make it rules for every day. You can turn it into a daily routine. At first, it may seem hard to do. 
  • You can use a muzzle when you are out with your dog. And before that, make sure to do muzzle training with your dog. It will make a comfortable distance with the other dogs.
  • You can take your dog to different social activities such as morning exercise, etc. Make sure to focus your dog on what it is doing. And get a professional dog trainer.
  • It is better to start with puppy training. Otherwise, because of the social situation, your dog will be uncomfortable to socialize with the other entire life.

Even if a small positive change happens to your dog, make sure to praise him. It will help tour dog to get positive experiences.

Hopefully, these suggestions have helped you to figure out what you need to do. To avoid social aggression, these are the most thing that you need to do. If you want to give your dog a high quality of life, you can do them even if your dog is not aggressive. 


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