Best Dog Bowls for Akita Dog in 2021

As an Akita dog parent, you have to make sure you get all of the things for your dog that should be the best within your budget. When it comes to getting the best dog bowls for Akita dog, you also need to be careful. Because dog bowl can make a great impact on your Akita’s eating habit. They can have bloating or other issues because of the pet food bowls.

Akita is a mixed breed dog. They are somewhat different from others. So here in this article, you are going to know about some of the dog bowls that are suitable for Akitas.

Best Dog Bowls for Akita Dog

1. Bergan Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bowl

Best Dog Bowls for Akita dog

Bergan Heavy Duty Dog Bowl has high-quality grade materials. That’s why it is more durable and reliable than the other dog bowls that you will see in the market. It has a classic stainless steel dog bowl design. Its materials are safe for your Akita. So you can say it will last longer than you think. Its other features are also remarkable.

This classic bowl is rust free. So it will not get corrosion after a few usages. You can serve your dog both water and food in it. There will be no problem with it. It can also hold water. And this dog bowl is odor-resistant. It will not be smelly.

Because of the materials of this bowl, it is resistant to scratch. There will be no spot on this sturdy dog bowl. It will not slip on the bowl when your dog is eating food from it. So you can feel sure about your dog’s comfort level.  This type of bowl may be easy for you to use.

You can wash this bowl with a regular dishwasher. There will be no problem with it. Because of the flip resistant design of this bowl, it will be easy for your dog to eat food from it without flipping this bowl.

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2. Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder for Better Posture

With the touch of minimalistic design, here we bring you Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder. Because of the circular design of this feeder, this dog bowl set looks simple, yet convenient to use. For a dog like Akita, this one would be the best to use. This elevated dog bowls set will make comfortable your dog’s food per meal time.

This elevated bowl has the number 1 selling powder coated pet bowl. That’s why you can say it will last longer than the other pet food bowls. And the whole feeder has the perfect bowl height option. So it will create a comfortable position for your dog to digest all the food properly. There is a scratch-resistant design with rubber feet.

These elevated dog food bowl holder has a removable rattle-free rim. So you can remove it whenever you don’t have to use it. This whole feeder will take a lot of eating space when you are going to store ut, But because of the removable rim, you can do it pretty easily. It has larger capacity water bowl.

This whole feeder elevated base is chip, rust, and fade resistant. There will be no spot in elevated dog bowl one. It also has high-quality and heavy-duty material. So you can feel assured about this one. It is an ideal dog bowl to use for everyday.

3. Pet Deluxe Stainless Steel Dog Bowls For Akita Dog

Pet Deluxe Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

To give your Akita dog food and water at the same time, you can use this Pet Deluxe Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. It comes with two stainless dog bowls. One is for the food. And the other one bowl for water. It has high-quality stainless steel that will not rust or corrosion. It has many qualities. That’s why it can stand out with all the other dog bowls.

The high-quality bowls are anti-corrosion and heat resistant. You can serve hot food in it without any problems. You can use it for the long term. Also, it is a healthy alternative that will make sure your dog doesn’t get sick after eating food from it. It has a solid design.

Comes with an extra-large non-skid base of the silicone stand. This one will catch all the spilling food and water. That’s how it will help you to keep your dog’s eating area clean and fresh. And you don’t have to worry about cleaning the place.

It can hold up to 750ml for each bowl. This no-spill dog bowl are detachable from the mat. You can remove them when you are thinking about cleaning. You can wash both the silicone mat and bowls.

4. Mlife Stainless Steel Anti-Slip Rubber Dog Bowls for Akita Dog

Mlife Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

If you are planning to get a budget-friendly dog bowl for your Akita, then this Mlife Stainless Steel Dog Bowl would be perfect to use. It is one of the best stainless dog bowls that you will see in the market. You can use this bowl for feeding time because of its versatile design. From puppy Akita to adult Akita, every size of dog can use it.

This conventional food bowl can hold up to 8 ounces each. It is perfect for dry kibble, wet food, treats, or water. You can also keep here every type of dog food. There will be no problem with this. This bowl set comes with two well stable stainless steel bowls. So you can serve your dog both water and food at the same time.

This dog stainless bowl has a rubber non slip base. It will make sure to reduce the noise when your dog is eating food. Other than this, it can also prevent spilling or splashing your dog’s food and water bowl. It will protect the hardwood floor from scratch. It is easy to clean, non slip bowl.

This daily use bowl construction is durable. That’s why you can say it is reliable to use. So there is nothing you need to worry about this bowl.

5. Loving Pets Bella Bowl

Loving Pets Bella Bowl

Loving Pets Bella Bowl has everything that you need in a dog bowl. This bowl perfect is also a stainless steel bowl like the other dog bowls. But the main difference of this bowl is its design is vet recommended. It has a stainless interior with an attractive poly-resin exterior. That’s why it will work out well for your Akita dog.

Because of the removable soy flat base rubber ring will prevent all the spills that your dog causes when it is eating food. This spill proof bowl would be ideal.

And it will also reduce the noise so that your dog won’t find it disturbing when you are giving your dog food. It will also prevent scratching on the hardwood floor. You can use this regular dog food bowl in the crate for Akita dog.

You can use this regular dog food bowl in the crate for Akita dog.

It has a cute paw design. It is completely dishwasher safe. So its range of color option will not fade away even if you are washing it for a long time. It is bacteria resistant. And it does not retain odors. So there is nothing that will cause you a problem.

Akita Dog on bed

Buying Guide of Best Dog Bowls for Akita Dog

Correct bowl size

Akita is a larger breed size. Some also call it medium-breed dogs. So you have to consider the food bowl size before you get one. You have to get this giant breed ideal size bowl that will help it to have food properly. There are different sizes of dog bowls.

Material and Design

When it comes at getting bowls for your dog, material matters. There are different types of bowls with different materials. Some have flimsy materials, some are BPA free bowl and phthalate-free materials. You have to get a bowl that has 100% food-safe materials. There are aluminum bowl, slow feeder bowl, stainless steel bowl, etc. If you are thinking about getting plastic bowls, then make sure to get food-safe plastic bowl. Because they contains eco-friendly ABS materials. You have to avoid bowls with harmful materials.

Typs of Feeding dog bowl

There are different types of bowls for Akita. Here we will give a short description of it. 

Silicone or Travel bowls

Travel bowls are also known as a collapsible bowl for dogs. They have silicone materials. You can fold them whenever you don’t need these. You can use these foldable bowls anywhere. They are easy to make and lightweight. These are the perfect option for travel. And also an alternative solution to plastic ones.

Adapted bowls

Adapted bowls are known as tilted bowls. They are easy to use and your dog can eat comfortably without any problems. You can get this for your Akita. It will help them to have food.

Slow feeder bowl

For messy eater like Akita, a slow-feed bowl is the best. These are maze dog bowl. It will help them to have food at a slower pace. Because slow eating can help them to avoid negative health effects such as risk of bloating trumps. So to avoide bloating in canines, you can use this type of special bowl. So you can use a slow feeding bowl.

Classic bowl

This type of bowl is one of the best and renowned regular dog food bowls. You can use them on regular basis. It is also one of the most popular dog bowls for Akita.

There are also other plenty of options such as ceramic dog bowl, dripless bowl, plastic bowls etc. Dripless bowl claims you can use it on the car. Because of the lid design, the food or water wont fall from the bowl. It can be incredible solution for those dogs who are messy eaters.


How often you should wash your Akita’s dog bowl?

You have to wash your Akita’s eating dog bowl with warm water and dishwasher after a daily meal. It will keep all the bacteria and odor away from the bowl. And it is also safe for your dog. You have to cleanup from time to time.

What is the safest material for an Akita’s dog bowls?

Many vets have said, stainless steel bowls are the safest materials that you can get for your dog. The metal bowl is not easy to break. And you can use it for a long time. Some people also love to use ceramic food bowl. But it is easy to break a ceramic dog bowl. That’s why it would be better to avoid ceramic bowl for Akita. 

Should you use anti-gulping or slow feeder bowls for Akita?

You can use a slow feeder dog bowl for your dog. Usually what a slow feed bowl does is to make sure your dog can have food slowly and eat peacefully. That’s why you can use slow-feeding bowls for your dog. For eager eaters or excited eaters, this type of bowl is ideal for dental health issues.


Sometimes it can be difficult to choose which ones would be the best dog bowls for Akita dog. Akita dogs are a picky eater. That is why you have to choose the ideal option for your dog. To make the right choice, you need to know about the food habit and comfort level of your dog as well as the shape of bowl.  

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