Best Brush for Cockapoo Puppy – Reviews for 2021

Cockapoo puppies are energetic as well as playful. To make sure your Cockapoo has a healthy and shiny coat, you have to take care of it since it’s puppyhood. You need to get proper grooming tools that will give you a simple grooming regime. With regular brushing with a grooming tool, you can improve the condition of coats. Hence, the best brush for a cockapoo puppy is important.

That’s why you should get the best brush for a Cockapoo puppy to give it a better experience. It will help you to maintain as well as take care of the coat.

Best Brush for Cockapoo Puppy – Brush Review

1. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Undercoat Rake

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush can help you to get rid of Cockapoo knots. It can also gently remove all the loosen hair, detangles, and trapped dirt. And then it will groom your Cockapoo puppies properly. This high-quality slicker brush will make sure it goes gently on your dog’s hair and groom it without hurting. And it makes regular grooming Cockapoo easy and manageable.

The bristles of this Brush style have fine bent wires that will go deep inside of your Cockapoo’s coat and help you to get rid of loosened or dead hair and remove knots properly. It is so that your dog’s hair doesn’t look dull or flat surface hair. It will give gentle brushing your dog’s undercoat without scratching the skin.

This slicker brush has a self-cleaning option. That’s why it is easy to clean. You have to click the button, and then the bristles will retract back into the brush. That’s how you can keep clean this brush.

With this one, you will also be able to do skin massage. It will help your dog to get a healthy and shiny coat. And its anti-slip handle formula will make it comfortable for you to hold. You can use this brush for cockerpoo.


  • Anti-slip handle formula
  • Self-cleaning option
  • Gently remove all the loose waves hair, detangles, and trapped dirtGet a healthy and shiny coat

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2. Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Detangling Cockapoo Brush

This Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Detangling Dog Brush is a slicker brush with rounded-end bristles. That’s why it becomes easy for you to remove knots, detangles, loosen hair with this one. This one is one of the best detangler brushes for Cockapoo. It will detangle your furry friends hair gently without hurting scratching the skin.

There are different types of brushes. It comes with two brushes and grooming actions in one. That means you can get two brushes in one. This pair of brushes will be helpful for you when it comes to grooming your dog properly. You can do two work at once without any difficulties. It will give you an effective brushing process.

One side of this brush has stainless steel tips with a protective coating. It will help you to remove loose hair and detangle the tangled hair. And the other side of this brush has dense soft nylon bristles. It will help you to distribute natural oils to hair well. You can remove dead skin from your cockapoos skin.

It has an ergonomically designed handle that will allow it to hold this brush on your hand well. You will get maximum support and comfort while holding in your hand.


  • Two brushes in one
  • ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel tips with a protective coating
  • Dense rounded nylon bristles

3. Glendan Dog Brush for Cockapoo Puppy Surface Brushing

It is easy to clean your Cockapoo’s coat when you have Glendan Dog Brush. This rotatable slicker brush with rounded-end bristles will make sure you can groom your Cockapoo well with it. This de-matting comb for Cockapoo works than the other brushes. And this one is easy to use. You can also brush your dog’s hard to reach areas with it.

With it, you can do a massage for your dog. In this way, you can prevent your Cockapoo’s skin disease and also increases blood circulation. After using it, your dog’s wavy coat will look soft and shiny. And your dog’s fur will also look in a healthy and well condition. And gives you a better surface brushing.

Because of the rounded-end bristles, it will not scratch or harm your dog’s sensitive skin. You don’t have to put a lot of pressure when you are using it on your dog because of the rotating feature. So your dog will get a pleasant experience from it.

Its comfort-grip and anti-slip handle will make sure you can brush your dog’s coat for a long time without straining the wrist. It will also not slip from your hand when you are holding it.


  • Comfort-grip and anti-slip design handle
  • A rotatable slicker brush with rounded-end bristles 
  • Prevent skin disease 
  • Increases blood circulation

4. Professional dual brushes Pin Brush & Bristle Brush

Here we bring another double-sided brush 1 Pin & Bristle Soft Brush – Daily Use that will fulfill all of your requirements when it comes to grooming Cockapoo. This type of brush will ensure you can use the right brush no matter where you are grooming your dog and no matter what coat types your dog has. It will make sure you can brush your Cockapoo puppy’s hair properly without any problems.

Because of the non-slip handle, it will become easy for you to hold it in your hand no matter how much time you are brushing it. Its rounded ends on the pin brush will also make it more comfortable for your dog when you are brushing it.

On the other side, its softer brush yet firm nylon bristles will help you to distribute all the natural hair oil in your dogs coat properly. It can penetrate deep into the dogs coat and can groom the undercoat well.

It will groom your dog’s hair without scratching the skin or causing skin irritations. With this one, you can easily knock off loose hair and dirt from your dog’s coat and makes your pets coal soft. It will do easy and fast grooming for your Cockapoos entire coat.


  • Double-sided pin and bristle brush
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Rounded ends on the pin brush
  • Comfortable and non slip handle

5. Poodle Pet Slicker Brush for Matted Hair

Poodle Pet Slicker Brush is one of the best slicker brushes for a Cockapoo. Thus slicker brushes have a handle that features anti-slip rubber and a convenient hole. It will work for easy hook storage. You can hand it anywhere in your house. In this way, you don’t have to fear losing the brush when you are about to groom your dogs with medium hairs.

The main purpose of this wire brush is to remove debris, loose hair mats, and knots in the fur. Its rectangular shape and fine wires will make it easy for you to use it. Each wire has bend angles that can prevent scratches to the dry skin and solves skin issues.

These stainless pins have coated. It will help you to prevent scratching your dog while giving it a brush. You can use it as a dematting tool for Cockapoo for matted hair. It will also not make any messes in your house. You can do professional grooming at home.

You can brush your Cockapoo’s hair with this brush from the start to the end of your hair. It will also work well even if your puppy has curly hair or double-coated hair.


  • A slicker brush with rounded-end bristles
  • Stainless steel pins
  • Anti-slip rubber and a convenient hole
  • Easy to use

Type of coat

Before getting a brush grooming tool for your Cockapoo puppy, you need to know about the coat types. The different coat needs different types of grooming. That’s why you need to pay extra attention to friction areas while getting a brush. There are different types of coat combinations.

Adult coat or Wavy hair

The adult coat usually comes with wavy hair. They are thicker and dark in color than regular puppy hair. So you have to pay attention to friction areas for them. They usually have a double coat.

Puppy coat

Puppy have pets coat soft and silky hair. So you need to make sure you are making brushing comfortable. So you have to be careful about the tool and Pet Grooming Brush that can brush straight coat.

Curly coat

There are two different curls. One is soft curls and the other one is tight curls. So for cockapoo owners with a wooly hair cockapoo, you have to be careful about excess hairs and make sure to get the perfect brush grooming tool.

Brushing handle

There are different types of brush handles. The important thing about a brush is its handle. Because of the brush gives your extra pair of hands a fond experience, It will help you to create a great bond between owner and pet. Some come with a non-slip rubber handle. They are great to use.

Types of Brush

There are different type of brush grooming tools. These have brush styles. Some have detachable head design and some are Contoured brushes. Among them, you have to get brushes that can improve dogs skin resistance.

The soft-toothed brush can help you to clean loose fur & dirt from your dog’s skin. They have soft brush heads that will not hurt your dog.

You can also get dual brushes as they are popular brushes among others. Ergonomic brushes also work well.

But among the other brush types, Bristle Brush is the ideal brush for Cockapoos. These are considered premium brushes. You can also get brush combs.

But before getting any brush for cockerpoo, make sure to consider the brush maintenance.

Tips for Cockapoo Puppy Grooming

 It is important for you to go to a professional groomer once in 2 – 3 months. But between these 2-3 months, you can do your dog’s grooming at home. Now you can groom your puppy without a Pet Groomer by following some simple tips. These are,

  • The first thing you have to do is give your dog a bath. But before bathing, you have to use a pet comb to removal of hair that has tangled and matted. Dont remove the knots when the hair is wet.
  • You have to use a puppy shampoo. It will keep their hair safe and healthy. You can use lukewarm water or warm water for it. It will give your puppy a relaxing experience. Dont use human shampoo as it can contain harmful ingredients.
  • Now use a towel to remove excess water from the hair. After then, use a hair dryer. Then we advice re brush on your dog’s hair depends on the coat type. 
  • Remember to use an effective brush for Matted Fur otherwise, it can cause brush burn. Part your dog’s hair in sections and then use a metal comb or an actual steel comb. They are easy to use.
  • Make sure to use a premium brush or a puppy brush. There are several Select options you can choose depends on the coat type.
  • Remember, you have to do trimming your dog’s hair in a couple of months. 

FAQ: Best Brush for Cockapoo Puppy

What brush is best for a Cockapoo puppy?

Traditional Slicker brushes are the best for a Cockapoo puppy. It is because it can remove tangles and knots easily. It works really well on their coat. You can also use undercoat rake brushes. It will help you to work with challenging coats. You can even use it on regular basis. Dog’s hair is different than human hair types.

How often you should brush or comb a Cockapoo puppy?

You have to brush a Cockapoo puppy four to five times a week. You need to keep your regular brushing sessions for at least 10 minutes. It is important to take care of a Cockapoo coat when it is small. So make sure to pay special attention to it. You can make a regular schedule for a professional grooming session. If you are new, then consider getting a grooming Ebook.


It doesn’t matter what type of coat your Cockapoo puppy has. All you need to make sure is you have to get the best brush for a cockapoo puppy. A high-quality brush can improve the quality of your dog’s beautiful coat. And it makes your dog’s hair healthy and shiny. So here we have included additional options that you would love.

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