Best Dog Brush for Chihuahuas Reviews 2021

Chihuahua is a small breed dog. They are one of the most famous dogs that you will ever see. They have two types of coats, long and short coats. So when you are about to get the best brush for Chihuahua, you have to consider the hair and coat type. It will help you to choose the ideal one.

Best Dog Brush for Chihuahuas 2021

1. Pet Grooming Brush Deshedding Tool for Dogs 

Best Dog Brush for Chihuahuas

Chihuahua has both long and short type coat. With this Pet Grooming Brush Deshedding Tool for Dogs, you will be able to groom your Chihuahua’s coat properly. It can remove up to 95% of dead hair and tangles from your dog. This de-shedding tool for Chihuahua will make sure to groom professionally.

You can save money and time from going to an expensive dog salon. You can groom your dog in only 10 minutes. So you will have no problem while grooming your Chihuahua. This one is a must-have grooming tool for your dog. It will make grooming your dog easy for you.

Now you can provide your dog with a healthy and shiny pet coat. You can get rid of an undercoat and loose hair easily without any trouble. Its 100mm stainless steel blade is also safe for your dog.

It has an easy to hold and comfortable grip handle. So your hands and wrist will not strain. No matter how much you give a brush to your dog. There will be no problem for you.

2. Groomer’s Best Small Slicker Brush

Groomer's Best Small Slicker Brush

This Groomer’s Best Small Slicker Brush is ideal for daily brushing to your Chihuahua. You can use it on your Chihuahua every day without any problems. It will help you to get rid of de-shedding, detangling, and removing small mats from your dog’s coat without causing any problem. Your dog will have a shiny and silky coat.

It has thin and sturdy stainless steel bristles with safety tips. This brush will make sure to brush your Chihuahua’s without hurting or scratching the skin. It will also massage your dog’s skin. It can remove all the loosen hair from your dog’s hair effectively.

With this brush, you can distribute natural oils on your dog’s hair equally to promote a healthy and shiny coat. In this way, you will also be able to do your Chihuahua’s daily grooming.
Its ergonomically designed handle will allow your dog to have maximum control over the dog brush. Its handle is tough yet soft enough for you to hold it for a long time without causing any problems.

3. Furminator Curry Comb for Dogs

Furminator Curry Comb for Dogs

With this Furminator rubber curry brush for Chihuahua, you can remove dust and loose hair from your dog without any problems. It will help you to groom your dog quickly. So from now on, after using this rubber curry dog brush, you won’t have to visit the salon frequently. You can groom your dog from your home.

Because of the molded rubber teeth, it will stimulate the production of natural oils to promote coat health. It will make sure to distribute natural oils of your hair equally and properly. In this way, your dog’s coat will also become shiny and silky.

You can use it for short coats such as Chihuahua has. Its anti-microbial plastic will help you to keep germs and bacteria at a minimum. So you don’t have to worry about your dog’s hygiene. It will remove excess hair and debris, break up mats, tangle.

Its ergonomic handle is secure and comfortable in your hand. You can hold it properly without falling from your hand. And its high-performance will surely satisfy you.

4. LilPals Dog Slicker Brush

LilPals Dog Slicker Brush

Now you can gently and effectively remove all the mats, tangles, and loose hair from your Chihuahua’s coat with this LilPals Dog Slicker Brush. This slicker brush will help you to groom your dog easily without any problems. This grooming brush for short-haired Chihuahua will work properly. And you don’t have to worry about anything.

This slicker dog brush features flexible pins with plastic tips. So there is no way it can hurt your dog. It will also not scratch your dog’s skin when you are giving it a brush. Its tipped pins are comfortable, so it will also not irritate your Chihuahua’s skin.

You have to brush your dog with long strokes in the direction of hair growth. After then you will see the magic. It will distribute all the natural oils of your dog’s hair equally. And your Chihuahua’s hair will look healthy and beautiful.

This pet brush can contours to your dog’s body for efficient grooming. Its handle grip is comfortable to hold. So you can grab it in your hand properly without straining your wrist.

5. CleanHouse Pets Dog Hair Brush

CleanHouse Pets Dog Hair Brush

From now on, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your dog brushes after using this CleanHouse Pets Dog Hair Brush. It is easy to clean this brush without working hard. You have to click the button to extend the bristles and then again click the button to withdraw the bristles. The loose hairs on this brush will wipe off from the brush.

It works well on all hair types. So it doesn’t matter if your Chihuahua has long or short hair. You can groom both with this hairbrush for dogs. This one can handle every type of hair and problems. So it will remove excess hair and debris, break up mats, tangle.

This dog brush is professional-grade and sturdy. So it will help you to stop your Chihuahua’s over shedding. It will help you to take control of it. And then your Chihuahua will have the perfect hair.

This brush will also provide a massage for your dog. Its handle is a farm and soft. It will not make your hands hurt after the grooming session. Your dog will also enjoy brushing.


How often should you brush a Chihuahua?

It depends on the coat type of your Chihuahua. If you have a long-haired Chihuahua, then it is better to brush its hair every day. But if you have a short-haired Chihuahua, then you can brush twice a week.

Do Chihuahuas shed? 

Among the other dogs, Chihuahua sheds minimally. But they do shed once a while.


A gentle brush can improve and the texture of your dog’s hair. That’s why you need to get the best brush for Chihuahua to shed less and make your Chihuahua’s hair perfect, healthy, and shiny.


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