Best Dog Brush for Rottweilers 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Dog Brush for Rottweilers

There are many types of brushes for dogs. But not every brush is perfect for all dogs. As we know, Rottweiler’s sheds too much than other dogs. So they need something more than the regular brushes. And it is a bit hard to find the best dog brush for Rottweilers because of their shedding problem.

There is a popular belief Rotweiller is the descendants of Roman drover dogs. They are loyal guardians and police dogs. And that is why they shed too much. For that, you have to take care of them especially. They are an energy breed. These types of breed popularity is known to everyone.

But it is not a problem for you now. Because in this article, I am going to mention some of the best dog brush for Rottweilers that can stop shedding. These couple of options will be double benefits for you.

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Easy Tips for Brushing Rottweiler

There are some basic steps that you need to follow if you want to give your Rotties professional grooming. Grooming also give an impact on your dog’s health condition. Rotties have naturally faster hair growth. Now here we will provide you some brushing tips for Rottweiler grooming that will help you to save some money from grooming appointments from the groomer. Hopefully, it will help you.

  • There are many brush types. Among them, you need to choose the perfect one based on the type of coat your Rottweiler has. Rottweiler has almost the same coat. So you can use one type of brush.
  • Make sure to give your Rottie brush on a daily basis. It will help you to prevent getting a hair mat. Regular brushing can help you with heavy shedding. You don’t have to worry about the shedding blade. It will not shave the coat. Brush the direction of hair with ease of the entire body of your dog.
  • To make your brushing session a comfortable experience, you can train your dog to sit. It will make things easy for you. Make sure to wear a glove.
  • There are also some bathing brush available. These brush ideal to use after the basic training classes.

Best Dog Brush for Rottweilers 2021

1. Furminator Deshedding Tool Edge Dog Brush

FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush

If your Rottweiler is suffering from shedding, then I guess this Furminator De-Shedding Tool is the perfect brush to groom him. With this brush, you can easily groom your Rottweiler even if he is suffering from shedding. This brush is especially for short hair. Although they have also brush for long hair dogs.

This Deshedding Tool for Dogs and cats can reach the undercoat easily and removes all the loose hair from your Rottweiler’s body and make sure to keep the coat healthy. It is safe to use. So even if it reaches the sensitive area, you won’t have to worry about it. This dog brush is best for shredding.

This brush is ideal for puppy Rottweiler, who is 20 lbs and has short hair. This brush can reduce shedding problems. It can remove coarse hair without doing any damage to the skin. It has extra-large rounded blade with teeth.

This brush is comfortable to hold. It has a non-slip grip to make sure it does not slip from your hand when you are brushing Rottweiler’s hair. Just cut your Rottweiler’s hair with this as instructed.


  • Reduce shedding problems.
  • Ideal for puppy Rottweiler.
  • It can go undercoat without damaging the sensitive skin irritation.
  • curved handle

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2. Coastal Dual-Sided Shedding Tool By Safari

Coastal Dual-Sided Shedding Tool By Safari

This Safari by Coastal Dual-Sided Shedding Blade is best for shredding. With the help of this brush, you can remove all the loose hair from your Rottweiler’s body and keep your home clean. When a Rottweiler shreds, it can make a mess in your house. It removes extra hairs professionally and keeps your house neat clean.

It has a stainless steel blade that is sharp enough to clean all the loose hair easily. But it will not cut your Rottweiler’s sensitive skin. This Safari by Coastal Dual-Sided Shedding Blade is safe to use and gives your dog a healthy coat and healthy skin.

This brush is ideal for large dog breeds like Rottweiler. It covers surface areas and easy to bush these areas. Its handle is non-slip and will give you a level of control brush. So it won’t slip from your hand. You can use it for different kinds of coat maintenance.

It has a two-sided blade that you can use straight or loop. It won’t harm your dog’s skin. Whenever you are using this, don’t use too much pressure. This additional option will help you.


  • It has a two-sided blade.
  • The ergonomic handle is non-slip.
  • Ideal for long haired breed standard
  • Easy to use.

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3. Andis Premium Pet Grooming Brush

Andis Premium Pet Grooming Brush

A cleaning slicker brush is best when it comes to stopping shedding. This Andis Premium Pet coat Grooming tool has brought a firm slicker broad brush head for those dogs who have to severe shedding problems. We all know Rottweiler has severe shedding problems. So this brush is best for them. It can reduce your Rottweiler’s shedding up to 90%.

This brush removes all dead hair from your Rottweiler’s smooth coat. It also separates the dead fur from the undercoat and topcoat. This brush is ideal if you are planning to groom your Rottweiler. There are many Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush Key Benefits.

This coat slicker dog brush also promotes hair growth. It removes all dead cells and cleans it. This one stimulates hair follicles. So that it can reduce shedding and promotes hair growth.

It has an anti-slip grip so that its handle does not slip from your hand when you are brushing your dog’s hair. Its grip is soft. You will not feel uncomfortable when you are brushing your dog’s fur.


  • Reduce your Rottweiler’s shedding up to 90%.
  • It promotes hair growth.
  • It stimulates hair follicles.

4. JW Pet GripSoft Bristle Dog Brush

JW Pet GripSoft Bristle Dog Brush

Are you looking for a brush that can give a good fining after you are done grooming with your Rottweiler? JW Pet GripSoft Dog Brush gives a fabulous finishing. When you feel like your slicker brush is not working on your Rottweiler, you can use this soft bristle dog brush instead.

It has a non-slip handle. You can hold this comfortable handle without worrying. It will not slip from your hand. This brush is easy to hold. Its design is ergonomic. This brush looks pretty good. And you will get a positive brushing experience with it. It is ideal for regular maintenance.

This brush can remove shedding, loose, dead hair gently. This brush goes undercoat quickly. It does not harm your Rottweiler’s skin. This brush is safe to use. You can use this brush around the face. It is suitable for both long and short hair.


  • Suitable for both long and short hair.
  • It has a non-slip handle.
  • It can remove shedding, loose hair gently.
  • You can use this brush around the face.

5. Resco Anti-Static Dog Rotating Pin Comb

Resco Anti-Static Dog Rotating Pin Comb

When you have 360 degrees rotating brush, you can easily groom your Rottweiler. This Resco Anti-Static Dog Rotating Pin Comb is 360 degrees rotating brush. It reduces your Rottweiler’s shedding. With this comb set, you can give professional grooming to your Rottweiler. This comb is lightweight and easy to use. This brush has a unique design that makes it easy for you to comb your Rottweiler’s hair.

All the pins of this large tooth comb can rotate to 360 degrees. That makes it easy for you to untangle the hairs and makes it softer. All the loose hairs will also go away with the help of the 360 degrees rotate pins.

This brush is 8 x 2 inches. Its handle is very comfortable to grip. The handle of this comb is non-slip. It will not slip from your hand. It has a classic pin brush design. The brushing of teeth is also not harsh.

This metal comb looks very classy and professional. You can easily use this detangling pin dog brush. It will reduce your Rottweiler’s shredding. It can remove all extra and loose hairs from your Rottweiler’s coat.


  • This brush is 8 x 2 inches.
  • The pins of this comb can rotate to 360 degrees.
  • This comb is non-slip. 
  • It reduces your Rottweiler’s shredding.

Well-received Dog Brush for Rottweilers

You will see many types of brushes for brushing your Rottweiler’s fur. Although, all the Rottweiler have the same type of coat. Once the summer comes, they start to have seasonal shedding. Warmer month makes things hard for them. But in the colder months, they are normal.

That’s why to keep your dog’s coat clean, you need to make sure to get the right brush. It can help you to reduce the amount of excess shedding of your dog. Here we are presenting some of the popular Rottweiler brushes. 

Bristle Brush

Bristle brushes can bring out the smoothness of your dog’s Rottweiler’s hair. These are not perfect for daily brushing process. You can use it for touch up. You cant use it on your dog’s topcoat. But you can brush your dog’s outer coat with it. Wire bristles are perfect in helping you to distribute natural oil on your dog’s coat evenly. It is also hard to clean a bristle brush. 

Slicker Brush

You can use this type to reducing the amount of your Rottweiler’s shedding. It has some wire pins on flat head that can help you with removing loose fur from the tangled hair. This wire brush will help your dog spread skin oil properly to make sure to keep a dense coat shiny. You can do regular brushing with this one.

Pin Brush Design

If your Rotti doesn’t have any enjoyable experience with slicker brushes, then you can use a pin brush instead. You can use safari pin brushes. It has spaced pins all over the brush. These work better than you think. You can say it is perfect for medium hair dog.

Undercoat Rake

For double coat dogs, an undercoat rake for rottweilers is the best brush grooming tool that you can use. You can use FURminator Dog Grooming Rake. It is hard to control a Rottweiler’s de-shedding in the spring and summer time. This one is a versatile tool that you need if you have Rotties in your house to remove loose undercoat.

Shedding Brush

You can remove all the dead fur, loose fur from a shedding brush. It will not shave your dog so you don’t have to worry about it. You can use this effective brush only on seasonal shedding. You can’t use it for regular brushing like rubber brushes. Instead, you can use it for monthly or weekly brushing.

There is also a double-sided brush head available. This type of 2-in-1 pin and bristle brush can help you anyway as this one is the all-purpose slicker brush. These are the type of brush grooming tools considerations. 

Knowing the Type of Coat

While you get a brush for your rottweiler from pet supply stores. You need to know about the dog’s coat types. Because not every coat is the same. Here we are giving you three types of coats that rottweiler has. So that you can brush the entire coat without any problems.

Wavy and Long Coat

Some Rotties have long, wavy and, curly coats. If you don’t brush them and keep them in natural condition, then they will get matted easily. You can use pin-type brush for this type of coat. While using a brush, make sure to do it gently.

Top Coat and Under Coat

Most of the Rotties have a double coat. If they have this type of coat, they don’t need to regulate the body temperature. Brushing daily can give health clearance of the coat. And it also won’t tangle the hairs.

Short Coat

Rottweilers are also short-haired dogs. They don’t shed too much but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to give brush them frequently. You have to care them like any others.

FAQ Of Dog Brush for Rottweilers

What kind of brush do you use for a Rottweiler?

Classic Pin brush and slicker brush do an excellent job for Rottweiler. These type of brushes works well on heavy coats like Rottweiler. Regular brushes or rubber brushes do not do magic. You can use them for a couple of times.

Is it better to use dog brush for Rottweilers hair wet or dry?

It is better to brush a Rottweiler when he is wet. After the bath, it is easy to detangle their hair. If your Rottweiler has short hair, then you can brush his dry hair as short hair does not mat. Make sure to do it when it is calm time.

How to stop Rottweiler’s hair from Matting?

As we know, Rottweiler has short hair. So you don’t have to worry about getting their hair matt. But that doesn’t mean you can skip hair brushing. If you don’t brush their hair every day, it will matt.

You have to brush your hair suitably every day. You can use a dematting comb. This mat splitting tool is easy to use. In this way, you can stop Rottweiler’s hair from Matting and you don’t have to go for a grooming session.

How often should you sweep a Rottweiler?

As we know, Rottweiler’s hair is not that much longer like other dogs. So some people may think they don’t need frequent brushing. But it is not right.

You should brush his hair once in a day. It will keep his hair safe from getting detangle or matt.

How to stop a Rottweiler from excessive shedding so much?

Rottweiler sheds excess hair every season especially in the climate condition because of their undercoat. Their shedding level is excess. So it is a common thing for every Rottweiler owner. So you should use such a brush that can remove all dead and loose hairs. It can change the appearance over time. You need to get one that has comfort level of tolerance.

Other than this, improve their diet. Because sometimes because of the food allergies, they shed. Contact your vet if the shedding is severed. And give your dog a bath based on your dog’s activity level.


I know because of Rottweiler’s shedding, it is not simple to find the best dog brush for rottweilers. But with a proper brush and routine, you can make this work easy.

You do need to make sure whatever you are buying, it should be from high-quality. So that it can improve your Rottweiler’s hair quality. And it stops shedding. Brush your Rottweilers hair with the best dog brush every day so that it doesn’t detangle to matt.

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