Best Dog Brush For Yorkies in 2021 – The Essential Buying Guide

best dog brush for yorkies

Do you know that the best dog brush for Yorkies has to be changed over time?

Because, from puppyhood to adulthood, their coats texture changes.

We know Yorkies have a unique coat and sensitive skin. That’s why it is hard to maintain his hair.

So to keep it, you should get the good one for your Yorkshire Terriers.
But it is not easy to get the perfect one. There are many types available in the market. Some are good for long hair, and some are for short.

Types of the Yorkie’s Unique Coat

There are mainly three types of coats that a Yorkie has. These are –

  • silky
  • soft
  • wire.

Each coat type requires different types of care. And you have to figure out which one works best for your Yorkie’s hair.

If you are talking about adult, then you need to know they have two types of coats. One is silky. And the other one is soft. 

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Best Dog Brush for Yorkies In 2021

Following brands those are specially created for all ages Yorkie pickd by our team.

We consider these as the best.

Before chooseing any of the following, take a look at tips below of this article.

1. Glendan– Best Brush for Yorkie Adult Dog

best dog brush for yorkies

This Glendan is the best slicker brush for Yorkie. On Yorkie grooming supplies, this is a must thing that you should have for your Yorkie. You can remove mats, trapped dirt, knots, and random hair with this. You don’t have to worry about getting damaged. It can perfectly groom your dog’s coat. You can use this for both long and short hair.

You can rotate this slicker brush all around. It is easy for you to organize hair and collect them well. You can clean different places of your Yorkie with this.

You can also give a massage to your Yorkie with this. A good massage can make them feel relaxed and prevent skin disease. It can increase the blood circulation of your Yorkie.

And your Yorkie will also feel comfortable when you are brushing him with this.

This won’t slip from your hand due to the anti-slip handle. 

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Best Pin Brush for Yorkie

2. Dog Hair Brush & Rubber Dog Hair Remover By Boshel

Dog Hair Brush & Rubber Dog Hair Remover By Boshel

Have you considered buying a brush for your Yorkie that you can use in many ways? This is two-in-one. It has multi-functions systems. You can comb his hair with this. And on the other side, you can use this to clean off the hair.

You can use this for daily grooming. It is perfect for that. You can use this after a bath to detangle hair. This is ideal for every use. If your Yorkie has a shedding problem, then you can use this as a shedding de-shedding. You can use this for every type of dog coat.

You can also clean all the hair mess that has been after brushing your Yorkie’s hair. After grooming your Yorkie, there must be a mess in your room. To solve this problem, it has a rubber back cleaner. So you can clean the messy hair with this.

This is light and suitable for Yorkie. This is not harsh at all. So, now with this, you can groom your Yorkie.

3. Miracle Care – Best slicker brush for yorkie

Miracle Care Pet Slicker Brush

Are you worried about getting your Yorkie’s skin to irritate after brushing him? Let me introduce the best that you can get for your Yorkie. This is just ideal for long haired Yorkies. Its soft pad and angled flexible pins to make sure that your Yorkie won’t feel skin irritations when you are grooming or regular brushing him with this.

You can use this soft slicker to give a finished look whenever you are grooming your Yorkie. Whenever you are properly combing your Yorkie, sometimes he can feel pain or irritation because of the texture. This has a soft pad and angled flexible pins. So you won’t have to worry about it.

Some are double-coated. This can reach the undercoat. You do not need to worry about not reaching under the coat. It can reach efficiently in every area.

You can use this on both long and short coats. It won’t slip from your hand as it has a non-slip grip.

4. Best Brush for Yorkie Puppy

Li'l Pals Bristle Brush

Looking for the best brush for a Yorkie puppy that can detangle your dog’s hair as well as make it shiny? Then you should see this Li’l Pals Bristle.

With this, your Yorkie’s hair will become brighter than ever. It has quality full bristles that can make your Yorkie’s coat shiny. You can say this is a quite quality full.

This can lift loose hair and debris from your dog’s coat easily. It distributes oil equally all over your dog’s fur. So you do not have to worry about it.

Its long strokes are perfect for long hair dogs. Overall, this is ideal for Yorkshire Terrier.

This can reach the undercoat of your Yorkie’s skin. Due to its ability to distribute oils, it can make your dog’s hair more soft and shiny than ever.

5. Li’l Pals Dog Slicker Brush with Coated Pins

Li'l Pals Dog Slicker Brush with Coated Pins

Do you want a brush for your Yorkie that can exclude mats, knots, and loose hair from your Yorkie’s coat? Then you should check out this with coated Pins. This one with Coated Pins is ideal to use for your Yorkie. This can remove mats, knots, and loose hair efficiently.

It has flexible pins and plastic tips that don’t harm your Yorkie’s skin or irritates him. It goes smoothly in your dog’s hair. It contours your dog’s coat to give a perfect look that you want to give them.

It distributes natural oil so well that your Yorkie’s hair looks shiny and soft than ever. It can remove the dead hairs gently while distributing natural oils.

Its long strokes make sure your dog’s hair has good growth. This is comfortable for you and your Yorkie to use. Its firm grip makes sure it doesn’t slip from your hand.

Types of dog Brushes for Yorkies

There are many types of grooming tools you will see for your dog in the market. When you have the right type, it will surely enjoy the grooming sessions. Yorkie’s hair is different than human hair. So you have to choose based on this.

Pin brush

The pin can pick up all the loose hair from your Yorkie before it spreads on the furniture. This grooming tool is one of the least tools people use on their dog. You can use it to finish your grooming. It has flexible wires with pins to comb through your Yorkies’ hair.

Bristle brush

You can use this type on your silky coat Yorkie. It is perfect for short-haired. Some bristles have wire bristles and some have soft bristles. Both of them work well. A high-quality bristle will make sure to remove all the loose hair from your Yorkie and give them soft and shiny hair.

Soft Slicker Brush

Traditional slicker brush always has fine and short wires on a flat surface. This one is best to use on matted hair. A soft slicker brush can help you to remove all the tangle and knots from your Yorkshire’s hair. It will give your dog a gentle brushing experience. Make sure to gentle when you are using a slicker brush for your Yorkie. Don’t put too much pressure.


Rakes can go through your Yorkie’s thick coat and help you to get rid of all the debris. You have to use it with minimal pressure. This grooming tool can make your dog’s hair healthy and fine.

Flea Comb

People use flea combs to get rid of all the fleas from the dog’s skin. This one is universal. It can comb through your dog’s hair and remove all the fleas that cause irritations. If the one you have a stainless steel comb, then make sure to be careful while using it. It has many benefits.

Essential Yorkie Brushing Tips

You have to make sure you are getting different dog brushes for your adult Yorkie and puppy Yorkie. It is because both of them have different texture furs than a human hair. The brushing process should be different than each other.

Never ever get that has an inflexible handle. It can cause harm to your Yorkie. It can also break your Yorkies’ hair.

Whenever you give a comb to your Yorkie, no matter it is an adult or a puppy you need to consider the hair type. You have to make sure your Yorkie’s hair is wet. It will help you to clear all the detangles and mats.

If your Yorkie’s hair is dry, then take a detangling spray bottle and spray water to make your Yorkie’s hair wet. Or you can use a leave in conditioning spray for your dog. It will help you to comb his matted hair.

Before giving a brush to your Yorkshire Terrier, it would be better to comb them first. It will help you to avoid pulling your Yorkie’s coat. And then use what is best for your Yorkie.

Use a clip if your Yorkie has a long hair. It will help you to maintain your Yorkie’s hair. 

If your Yorkie is a puppy, then you need to get small-size brushes. It would be better for your Yorkies delicate hair.

Essential Yorkie Brushing Tips

Best Dog Brush For Yorkies – FAQ

What kind of brush is best for a Yorkie?

If your Yorkie has trimmed hair, then you should get a boar high quality bristle for him. And if he has long hair, then you should get a slicker for him. These should be perfect for Yorkie. These types of brushes work well in both types of hair.

How often should you brush your Yorkie?

You should daily brush your Yorkie’s hair. It will prevent all tangles, mats, and knots. And it can make your Yorkie’s hair soft and shiny. 

How to maintain a Yorkie’s hair?

To maintain a Yorkie’s hair, you should trim it every 4 to 6 weeks. It will give them a nice look. Other than this, shampoo him once a month. Give your dog daily brushing to prevent tangles, mats, and knots. Try to keep their hair soft and shiny.

Does overbrush destroy Yorkie’s hair?

No. Overbrush does not destroy Yorkies hair. If your Yorkie’s hair is not enough moisturized, it can cause knots, tangles, and mats. So in this situation, you should brush him often. So that it doesn’t cause knots, tangles or mats. Your Yorkie’s hair will also be shiny and soft.

Should you bathe your Yorkie before brushing?

Yes. You should give bathe to your Yorkie before brushing. Although it is not possible every day as you need to bath him once in a month or twice a month. Wet hair is perfect for brushing the dog’s hair. You can easily detangle its coat. 


To groom your Yorkie, you should get the perfect one for him. A low-quality brush can harm their skin and irritate.

In this article, I have mentioned all the best brushes. All of them are suitable for Yorkies hair. All you need to do is to take care of them.

So try to brush your Yorkie’s hair daily with the best brush from this list. So I hope this article helps you.

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