The Best Dog Crate for Akita Dog Reviews 2021

A good man has high regard for the life of his animals. And that is why you are here. Dog trainers always suggest having a dog crate if you want some peace in your home. We recommend getting yourself the best dog crate for Akita dog.


They all aren’t the same, and some science goes into the development of modern-day dog cages. Different pet crates will have distinct features, thereby displaying varying psychological effects on your dogs/cats.

In addition to that, the perfect Akita dog crate gives you the grand opportunity to train your pet while still creating an environment of security, peace, safety, and above all, comfort.

Best Dog Crate for Akita Dog

1. MidWest Homes Crate for Akita Dog

Best Dog Crate for Akita Dog

Product Proportions: 48 x 30 x 33 inches; 43 Pounds

The iCrate single and double door variety comes in several sizes. The most common is the 48-Inch w/divider. This free divider panel opens the room for growth – you get to adjust the size of the dog cage as your puppy matures.

This is also a good option if you are searching out for dog crate sizes by breed. Moreover, MidWest Homes have also installed a leak-proof plastic pan that gives you an easier time during cleanups.

However, the cage’s open-structure conditions your pet to hold it until you two go for a walk. Underneath the pet, the crate is a rubber roller offering extra protection to your floor.

Guess what, when not in use, you get to fold it down – how convenient if you are looking to maximize on floor space. The plastic handle ensures you comfortably carry the cage with you wherever you go – even in your car.

That said, be sure of the adult size of your dog when choosing the measurements.

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2. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

Product Proportions: 48.5 x 30.25 x 32 inches; 44 Pounds

The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate is incredibly convenient for XL-sized dog breeds. It supports any breed that can weigh as much as 110 pounds.

The metal edges are foldable and can be quickly assembled without the need for any tools. This makes it a particular favorite of travelers and adventure seekers.

What’s more, with this pet crate, you get to condition your dog that they possess their own den even when inside the house. There’s now no need to worry about poor habits such as housebreaking, barking, and chewing.

This personalized den has an additional room should you opt to add a soft bed. The construction is durable and still comes with a 1-year warranty. The latches are secured firmly in place, and the wire construction is durable.

Did I mention the easy-to-remove plastic pan underneath? I found this particular dog cage convenient for owners who would love to add a touch of their persona to their pets’ cribs.

3. AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog or Pet Crate Kennel with Tray

Product Proportions: 36 x 23 x 25 inches; 20.15 Pounds

Some pet owners simply want unsophisticated dog crate sizes by breed. This AmazonBasics offers precisely that – an uncomplicated dog house that is sturdy, portable, and durable. Unlike some modern variety, this only comes with one single door that has two slide-bolt door latches.

This provides added durability as well as security and safety for the pet. If you would like to minimize the pet crate’s size and increase it with time, the optional divider panel makes room for that.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your pup messing around as you can quickly clear that up using the removable composite pan. For the best experience, ensure the dog cage’s measurements will allow the pet to turn around and move comfortably when standing.

The AmazonBasics Dog Cage is a safe way for pet owners to create boundaries and set house rules when training their dogs.

4. Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate

Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate

Product Proportions: 48 x 30 x 33 inches; 53 pounds

Do you expect your pet to outgrow its current size by a significant mass size? We would recommend this single-door XL-sized dog cage.

Unlike some pet crate models, this variety requires no equipment at all to set up. It’s easy to assemble and folds up flat when not in use, allowing for a better floor plan.

Most pet crates have double slide-bolt latches making the door unbalanced if both are not locked. The Life Stages LS-1648 features a single heavy-duty latch that will age gracefully with your pet.

So far, we have found the Life Stages dog crate variety to have the most rigid construction mechanism due to the heavy gauge used and the firmly knit wire mesh. Most pet owners fancy this variety because of its strength.

The divider panel will ensure a puppy won’t mess around in different kennel spots, but should they do so, you have a durable dog tray that will easily clean up. Choose the right size if you want to enhance the feeling of safety and security for your pup.

5. Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate for X-Large Dogs

Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate for X-Large Dogs

Product Proportions: 48 x 30 x 33 inches; 53 Pounds

Are you worried about size and durability? Worry no more. MidWest Pet Manufacturers now present their most robust folding pet crate.

Beginning from underneath, the pet has rubber rollers to ensure that the size of the den plus the size of the pet won’t be detrimental to your floor.

The foldability aspect gives you room to play around with your floor plan. Inside the crib is a divider panel that adjusts the size of the dog cage. This is advisable for owners with puppies as the pets will feel safer in a compact space.

It will also minimize instances of messing their crib as they’ll avoid to dirt their sleeping area. It comes in six different sizes but offers the strongest metal and wire mesh construction available in the market.

Don’t fret about choosing the right size – the manufacturer provides a size-breed chart to help you choose the best dog crate sizes by breed.

Best Dog Crate for Akita Dog Buying Guide

Before you embark on choosing a proper pet crate, there are three broad considerations:

Pet Measurements

It’s easy to get carried away by the design and the dog crate’s construction type that you forget to create enough breathing space for them. Before you consider the outward appearance, the first thing is to ensure they are comfortable enough in their own space. In measuring the dog, ensure you take the measurements while the pet is standing.

Measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the dog’s tail, then add at least 5 inches to that measurement to allow room for growth. Then take the dog’s measurements while still standing and measure the crest of the head to the floor. Similarly, add an extra 5 inches.

Once you have considered the growth factor, assess whether there is enough room for the dog to turn around comfortably. Are they comfortable there, or do they just want to escape?

Type of Dog Crate

Needless to say, there is a wide variety of pet crates out there. Some of the familiar and readily available models are metal crates. These are easy not only easy to assemble but are open enough, allowing enough air (you wouldn’t want to live in a stinking abode, would you?) Most are also foldable hence maximizing the floor area when not in use. A useful feature in this is the divider panel that allows you to distort the size inside as your puppy grows. Ensure the edges aren’t sharp to avoid accidents.

There are also plastic dog cages and is a good pick for shy dogs who want extra privacy. They are lighter and more portable, even in airplanes. Moreover, they are easy to clean. The plastic dog cages are quite similar to the polyester design.

These are incredibly lightweight and highly recommended for smaller breeds. Regular travelers find this a lot easier to pack. Pet owners who don’t fancy the metal variety and want a more permanent solution can opt for wooden pet crates. A unique multipurpose design can be adopted, allowing you to use the cage as a table or nightstand.

Accessories Used

Depending on your type and taste, there is a vast pool of accessories you could adopt for your pet crate. Some of these include snappy fit bowls that work best with metal crates.

There are also washable pet beds that add a touch of warmth and comfort, removable crate trays to avoid messes, dog crate covers, and casters for portability. All in all, ensure the crate you go for will allow you to tweak around to your desired appeal.


There you have it, the best dog crate sizes by breed. With all these considerations, you should now be fully equipped to make a better decision. You have a little friend, and you want to give them the best the world can provide, right? Well, go for the best dog crate for Akita dog. It doesn’t have to be complicated, as we have already shown you. But if the outward appeal matters to you, make sure the dog cage will give room to add extra accessories. Your pet should be comfortable with all the additions. Follow these recommendations to get a well-trained dog!


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