The Best Dog Crate for Weimaraner 2021

Having a dog and adequately training the young friend with the best dog crates are two different things. Pet owners find this part tricky, especially when it comes to lifelong decisions. With humans, familiarity breeds contempt.

The same cannot be said for your dog – they would instead grow up in a familiar environment. Getting a cozy pet crate will go a long way even to develop the friendship between you two.

Consider the best dog crates for Weimaraner breeds. This comprehensive buying guide will help you factor in all the considerations when getting a cage for your Weimaraner. The dog crates are also a good starting point for kennel training.

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Best Dog Crate for Weimaraner

1. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Best Dog Crate for Weimaraner

We did not see the need to save the best for last. Allow me to be a killjoy here – the MidWest Homes iCrate Single and Double door was and still is our best pick. I bought the double-door model 16 years ago, and it is still as functional and steady today as it was back then.

MidWest has seven different sizes for this particular construction design ranging from the 18”-48” with a free divider panel. As such, this model is constructed to host the heavier breeds weighing up to 110 pounds.

The door design comprises two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches in case you have a sneaky little friend who knows how to undo locks. Additional accessories include four rollers underfoot to protect wooden floors and a durable dog tray to contain poops and spills.

The design is also portable and easy to assemble without the need for extra equipment. Is there a better way to Weimaraner crate training than going Midwest? Oops, we didn’t mention the one-year warranty, did we?

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2. Life Stages LS-1636DD Double Door Dog Crate for Weimaraner

Life Stages LS-1636DD Double Door Dog Crate for Weimaraner

Just as the name suggests, the Life-Stages pet crate is ideal for every stage of your pet’s life. This dog cage supports intermediate dog breeds, but the perfect dimensions for Weimaraner crate training are 36L x 24W x 27H inches.

This particular pick weighs 33 lbs. and can support an adult dog weighing 70 lbs. The Life Stages dog cages come in a fold and carry design making it pretty easy to assemble and carry around when not in use.

The construction mechanism also maximizes round-corners for extra safety and a comfy plastic pan that can be removed and cleaned. If there is a better way to move from puppy training to home for life for your Weimaraner friend, then this would be it.

Since you are training your hairy friend to get used to their home through every stage of their life, you want to pick something that will provide a sense of well-being, peace, and security. This den in Zen does it for most pet owners.

3. AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel

AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel

With the rise of metallic dog cages, most pet owners may end up neglecting other varieties that could offer an extra sensational feel to your young friend.

The AmazonBasics Premium Soft Pet Dog Crate is a durable pick made of polyester + PVC. For most buyers, this den feels less of a ‘cage’ for them and their pets, and would instead go for this time and again.

Even though the ventilations aren’t as profound as the wire construction design, they still have multiple screen panels that allow your pet to scan the environment. Since it’s the more pizzazzy option for Weimaraner crate training, it comes with a plushy fleece-covered pet bed, adding an extra layer of comfort even during those long drives.

By the way, the 42” size design allows for heavier breeds weighing up to 90 lbs. Portability is enhanced with the shoulder straps and top handle and has extra pockets for other toys and accessories.

4. MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

If you thought we’ve had enough of MidWest, well, think again. Let’s assume you are a new dog owner and don’t know where to start. You got it right: MidWest has the perfect starter kit for Weimaraner crate training.

What’s unique about this product is that the dog cage offers the ultimate convenience with the additional accessories you need to get your dog training started.

For starters, the iCrate Starter Kit comes with one crate cover adding extra warmth to a less furry friend. In addition to that, it has a fleece pet bed, which makes it quite comfortable for the dog breed wherever they are. Both of these – the cover and the fleece bed is machine washable.

The manufacturer also gives you two pet bowls, each 1 quart each, designed to affix to the dog crate in one secured position. All these plus a leak-proof removable dog tray and a divider panel, and you wonder what more you could ask for!

5. Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crate

Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crate

If you lack thorough knowledge of assembling different parts, an already assembled dog cage would go a long way to help. The Petco Classic design has an uncomplicated look that features a baked powder coat finishing.

This goes a long way to boost the durability of this pet crate. It also comes in various sizes, each containing a divider panel that gives your Weimaraner room to grow without feeling compressed.

Nevertheless, the x-small size does not have this bonus feature simply because it’s only for smaller dog breeds that aren’t expected to grow excessively. It has a single well-constructed door with two slide-bolt latches offering extra security if you don’t want the pup to move around.

As with most dog crates, the Petco Classic Weimaraner crate training design has a removable plastic tray that’s easy to clean up. Should you be in the mood to buy an extra cover or add a blanket, the different Petco Classic crate sizes make this possible.

Buying Guide for Weimaraner Pet Crates


For some people, a pet crate is not just a pet crate – they have to do it in style. If that’s you and you don’t have the MidWest iCrate Starter Kit, consider some of these necessary accessories for Weimaraner crate training:

Crate Toys: Dog toys are not only an excellent way to exercise the young master but will also keep them busy and mentally engaged when you aren’t around to fill that spot. Consider adding puzzles and interactive toys, rope and pull toys, chew toys, treat-dispensing toys, or even heavy-duty toys.

Crate Covers: The market has a ton of pet crate covers, and you should be in a position to decide which cover works best for you and why. One fundamental consideration you should look out for is the purpose of the cover.

Are you looking to create a warmer environment, or do you want to make it den-like? Are you looking for posh and cozy, or do you prefer something that will filter out the noise? Is it for indoors, or do you spend most of your time outdoors, and you want something that can shield the pet from rain? With this in mind, you are now set to settle on the size, material type, and even DIY cage covers.

Crate Trays and Bowls: There’s no need to emphasize the importance of having a tray inside – especially if you are still in the potty-training stage. Assuming the Weimaraner pet crate you bought doesn’t have a tray, some of the considerations you should factor in include the tray’s material, the resistance level to spills, stains, and odors, crate style and thereby the size of the tray, dog crating capability and hygiene.

If the price is not an issue, we would recommend going for a stainless steel pet tray. Also, ensure there is sufficient room to add in and support the bowls.

Material/Construction Type

Depending on the dog cage’s functionality and how deep your pockets reach, there are several materials you can think of buying for your pet crate. They include:

Wooden Crates: More often than not, these are the most expensive but offer a durable and permanent solution. Should you choose a wooden cage, try to go for a multifunctional pick.

Plastic Crates: They are the easiest to clean up, just as with plastic trays. However, if you have a friend who is used to chewing, you might want to check on that. They are the easiest to transport across flights.

Polyester Crates: Also called the soft-sided dog cages. They offer a sense of privacy and ensure there are no instances of accidents. They are ideal for much smaller breeds.

Metal Crates: With the reviews, we started with, you probably are fully aware of the perks and working mechanism of metallic dog cages.

Pet Size

This is perhaps the most important consideration when going for a pet crate. You should determine the maximum size of your furry friend and buy a crate based on that.

To determine the minimum height, measure your dog while standing from the floor level to the top of the head and add four inches. Similarly, the minimum length should be an additional four inches added to the length from the nose’s tip to a few inches past the tail level.


Metallic dog cages have their advantages and have flooded the market. However, you want to get the perfect one without having to compromise on expenses. This guide aims to draw a firm compass of what dog cages look like and the best ones to look out for. Before we conclude, make sure you make the best of your deal by buying from a manufacturer who will ensure a one-year warranty. Other than that, you are now ready to go shopping for the best dog crate for Weimaraner breeds or whichever little hairy friend you have.


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