The Best Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews 2022

best dog grooming scissors

Getting yourself a dog hair cutting equipment has become a necessity for most dog owners, but with so many variants readily available off the shelf and with the promise of being the best dog grooming scissors, dog groomers are now faced with the challenge of knowing which particular groomer scissors is the best brand that is really worth the pick.

So be it dog grooming for beginners or animal grooming scissors in general, this article is going to feature some of the best dog grooming tools review which would help you in making a decision on the next grooming scissors kit you should consider when next you go out for good scissors.

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Best Dog Grooming Scissors In 2022

1. Gimars Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit – Thinning, Straight & Curved Dog Grooming Shears for Long & Short Hair

Gimars Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit – Thinning, Straight & Curved Shears for Long & Short Hair

The Gimars titanium coated straight dog grooming scissors kit is the complete grooming high-quality tool for both cats and dogs which comes with a zippered storage case that houses 6-inch thinning scissor or shears for dogs, a 7.3-inch straight scissor, 7.3-inch curved grooming scissors, and a comb which works perfectly at removing tangled hair and dirt.

Its stainless steel blades are coated with titanium and processed with cold treatment to ensure that it lasts for a very long time without rusting.

These blades are sharp and smooth therefore making them quality dog grooming and dog thinning shears, which are great for trimming and thinning without the constraints of fur pulling or catching.

The ergonomic design of the Gimars titanium grooming scissors makes it a great choice when comfort is required during grooming sessions. Its plastic removable finger rings can be removed when extra space is needed for your fingers or just when it needs to be cleaned. It is also super easy to hold while the silicone pads lower the sound produced when the handles hit each other.

Ease of maintenance is yet another high point for this grooming shears as it has an adjustable tightening screw and also separates the blades when they need to be cleaned or sharpened. The screw can also be adjusted to handle various fur thicknesses when it needs to be trimmed, thinned, or cut.

2. Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit – Quiet Alternative to Electric Detachable Blade Pet Clipper Blades for Sensitive Pets

Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit – Quiet Alternative to Electric Clippers for Sensitive Pets

The Scaredy is renowned as the world’s only silent clipper, which offers gentle home grooming to sensitive pets. It is a quiet alternative to clippers as it produces no noise or vibration when at work; affording your pets the opportunity to have that calm and relaxed grooming time.

This type of scissor comes with a wide array of grooming essentials containing 1 scissors, 7 pet grooming comb, 2 comb organizers, 4 finger inserts, 1 grooming guide and a storage bag that houses all of these in one piece.

These dog grooming razor combs (1, 1 1/2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) allow trimming from 1/2 inch to 1 inch while the removable gel finger inserts provide comfort during long sessions; which can also be removed for larger fingers.

Also by adjusting the Jewelled Screw in the center of the clippers, the tension level of the scissors can be customized; You can tune the scissor blade tightness and these grooming scissors works perfectly with practically all long-haired dogs such as Schnauzer, Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier), Maltese, Maltipoo, Shih Tzu, Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Pomeranian, Coton De Tulear, Havanese; long-haired cats such as Maine Coon, Himalayan, Ragdoll, Persian, Norwegian Forest, Birman, and many more. Also, for guinea pigs and horses, this grooming scissor is known to be usable.

3. Kingstar 7.0 in Titanium Scissors 4pcs Set – Safety scissors for dog grooming

Kingstar 7.0 in Titanium Professional Pet Grooming Scissors 4pcs Set – Safety scissors for dog grooming

The amount of time spent on grooming your pets can be really tiring and stressful when using blunt end dog scissors and uncomfortable handles, amongst others. But with the 7.0in Titanium, grooming sessions can become more fun and interesting.

These professional dog trim scissors are made from high-quality 6CR stainless steel with high hardness making each pair of grooming scissors highly durable, has sharp edges, and is one of the best quality scissors.

Using the convex arc design, the finer cutting edge line of each blade is evenly polished finish while it has a duly designed clear tip of a tooth. All of these helps to increase the thrust of the scissors and also ensure that cutting is smooth is stable.

While grooming your pets, comfort, and ease of use is other factors that could determine how well you choose to groom your pets and how much time you spend at this. With the 7.0in Titanium Professional Scissors, its ergonomic handle design allows the scissors to fit perfectly into the fingers, making it a comfort to hold in the hand for a long period while you have fun grooming your pets.

With a wide array of various rich parts such as 1 straight scissors,1 thinning scissors,1 up-curved scissors,1 down-curved scissor,1 case,1 clean cloth and1 adjusted-key, pet grooming can become a lot easier than you ever had.

4. Purple Dragon Pet Grooming & Hair Cutting Scissor– Affordable Dog Chunker Shear for Pet Groomer or Family DIY Use

Purple Dragon Pet Grooming & Hair Cutting Scissor– Affordable Dog Chunker Shear for Pet Groomer or Family DIY Use

The Purple Dragon grooming pet shears are Professional 7.0-inch scissors which are top-rated dog grooming shears made from 440C Grade complete Japanese stainless steel construction with a Symmetrical handle which is highly durable against rust and corrosion; it is strong, and also very functional; making it a must-have scissors for your pets.

When it comes to pet grooming scissors, blade quality and sharpness define how efficient such scissors would be; and The Purple Dragon Professional 7-inch shears have blades that are very sharp, smooth, and with the best cutting angle of 45 degrees. You will get an ergonomic grip.

Made purely by human hands, the delicate screw and silencer design of this grooming scissor make it top-notch and highly on-demand scissors for those who care about quality, design, and finesse when it comes to picking that grooming scissors.

5. LILYS PET Professional Dog Grooming Coated Titanium Scissors – Top rated dog grooming shears

LILYS PET Professional Dog Grooming Coated Titanium Scissors – Top rated dog grooming shears

The LILYS PET scissors are one of the best hairdressing scissors which is coated with titanium and comes with an 8.0″ Cutting scissor, thereby making it a preferred option for groomers who want to achieve cutting, curving and thinning in good time.

Aside from its 8.0″ Cutting scissor, this grooming tool also comes with a 7.0″ Thinning scissor, 8.0″ Curved scissor point up, 8.0″ Curved scissor point down, Grooming Comb, and scissor case that are constructed of stainless steel; and for that extra control and comfort, it also comes with an extra finger rest.

This kit purely handmade from complete 6CR stainless steel coated with titanium for both durability and style making it a very strong, functional, and must-have grooming kit for every groomer.

To achieve that perfect detailing, shaping, and finishing, each cutting tool enclosed in this grooming tool comes with a razor-sharp edge, therefore, making your pet’s grooming session one to look forward to at all times.

The handle grip of stainless steel scissors also matters a whole lot as this affects the level of comfort it gives and for how long it can be used without fear of any motion injury. These professional scissors have a design that affords every user the chance to have a firm and comfortable grip with reduced labor during use. It also has an ergonomically curved/bent down finger thumb hole/ring.

Due to the design of some grooming scissors, experiencing repetitive motion injury is almost a norm that must be endured. But the Lily pet professional scissors have an ergonomic offset handle design which makes its use very comfortable and enjoyable.

6. Purple Dragon 8.0 inch Professional Grooming Scissors – Dog Chunker Shears – Adult Animal Thinning Hair Shears for Pet Groomer or Family DIY

Purple Dragon 8.0 inch Quality Dog Grooming Scissors – Dog grooming chunker shears

The Purple Dragon Professional 8.0 inch is dog grooming scissors set made from 440C Grade complete stainless steel construction which is highly durable against rust and corrosion. It is strong, and also very functional, making it a must-have scissor for adult animal thinning.

The delicate adjustable screw and silencer design of these scissors which is purely handmade makes it a great pair of scissors for those who want high-quality blade, design, and finesse when in their choice of scissors.

It is ergonomically designed to handle grip positions way above many other scissors as it gives great comfort and can be used for long hours without any fear of sustaining motion injury.

These scissors have a design that affords every user the chance to have a firm and comfortable grip with reduced labor during use. It also has an ergonomically curved/bent-down roomy finger hole.

When it comes to pet grooming, blade quality, and sharpness define how efficient such scissors would be; and The Purple Dragon Professional 8.0 scissors have a sharp blade, smooth, and with the best cutting angle of 45 degrees.

7. Hertzko Pet Grooming Scissors Set – Serrated Blade Scissors for Facial Hair Trimming + Regular Shears

Hertzko Pet Grooming Scissors Set – Serrated Blade Scissors for Facial Hair Trimming + Regular Shears

When it comes to safety while grooming your lovely pet, the Hertzko Set is the recommended choice as it is manufactured with High-Quality Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Blades which is safe on your pet and easy to clean with cleaning cloth; and with its rounded scissors for dog grooming, this scissors is safety scissors for dog grooming when it comes to those delicate body areas of your pet such as the ear, nose, face, and paw; making it a dog grooming scissors for paws.

This effective dog grooming safety scissors set comes with 2 pairs of scissors to give you a more than satisfactory finish every time you choose to groom your pets. One pair is longer scissors with a smooth blade for trimming body fur, while the smaller scissors with the micro-serrated blade are great when it comes to close work on your pet’s face and paws making it a great puppy grooming scissors. This micro-serrated edge makes it even better.

Comfort and ease of use is another scoring point for the Hertzko Scissors Set as it is designed with a comfortable grip handle which is ergonomically designed for comfort and long grooming time. So no more worries about your next grooming session once you have this in your home.

So with the Hertzko scissors, comfort, safety, and sharp stainless steel blades are what you get in one single grooming kit.

8. KINSARO Quality Dog Scissors – Dog Grooming Shears – Japanese Stainless Steel Curved Scissors

KINSARO Quality Dog Grooming Scissors – Dog Grooming Shears – Curved Scissors

The KINSARO is a professional pet grooming scissors that are designed for high-performance and efficient dogs hair trimming every single grooming session. Its Japanese steel 440C convex blades make the use of these scissors a wonderful experience every time as it is rust-resistant and remains sharp for a very long time.

These professional scissors are easy to use and lightweight, thereby making it usable for long hours without getting wearied or burdened by its weight. Its comfortable rubberized handles are also a delight when held and in use as it neither causes any form of motion injury to the fingers or wrist pain.

As a grooming kit, the quality and sharpness of its blade are second to none as it has a well proportioned honed edge line and slideway which is made from high-quality stainless steel construction that remains sharp and efficient even after several uses.

When next you plan on getting professional scissors for your dog, the KINSARO should be your choice as it fits well into the class of dog grooming scissors for professionals.

9. Sharf Gold Touch Pet Shears professional grooming sets – Stainless Steel Curved Scissors

Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shears – Stainless Steel Curved Scissors

Looking for that dog grooming scissors that give a perfect and professional groom, then the Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shears with a 7.5 Inch Curved Shears is exactly what you need be it for personal or professional use.

Made from high-quality Japanese shears, these scissors come with 440C stainless steel blades which guarantee spectacular sharpness and ease of sharpening. These blades are also anti-rust, and they remain sharp even after many times of use.

These Japanese grooming scissors feature curved scissors which makes it an excellent option when it comes to reaching furs in areas that are pretty difficult to reach, and also for making great shaping on your pet. Aside from all of these, these grooming shears come with removable rubber comfort rings which give a great grip and comfort when held; and also allow them to be used for a long grooming time.

For its look, the Sharf Gold Touch Pet Grooming Shears has a shiny polished, and fabulous finish with a gold accent screw and plate which is enclosed in a snap-close case which makes carriage and storage tremendously stress-free. This one is ideal for medium-length, double-coated dogs.

These dog scissors are no doubt a combination of beauty and functionality which makes grooming sessions a beautiful experience whether you are a professional groomer or just an individual who loves to spend time grooming your pets.

10. Geib Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Small Pet Gator 40 – Tooth Blending Shears Small dog

Geib Stainless Steel Small Pet Gator 40 – Tooth Blending Shears Small dog

The Geib Stainless Steel Small Pet Blending Shears is a grooming scissors that are designed to give precision and finesse when it comes to pet grooming as its shears are made of stainless steel thereby making it a delight for groomers of all class.

Its shears are precision weighted and balanced, while the alloy from which it is made, allows its blade to be sharpened to razor sharpness which stays sharp even after months of consistent use. For its look, it is ergonomically designed with cushioned handles and finger rests which are contoured to provide immense comfort when in use.

This dog grooming blending shears also features a double-screw tension adjuster that produces smooth trims and cuts with no hand/wrist pain or any kind of motion injury which is common with some scissors types.

All of these features put together have created pet grooming scissors that are highly efficient, productive, comfortable and easy to use with a drastically lowered effort required for shearing. You can even cut bulk hair.

So whether you are a vet or just a pet owner who loves to personally groom your pets, this is one that should be in your toolbox.

Dog Grooming Scissors Buyer’s Guide

Pet Grooming has become a big deal in recent times, and this has so much increased with the introduction of new grooming scissors and kits into the market on a daily basis.

In this section, we would be looking at some of the key things you need to consider when picking your next pet grooming scissors.

Types of Scissors for Dog Grooming

There are different types of grooming scissors that will help you to cut matted hair, different body hair types, etc. Each of these scissors have a different convex edge. So if you know what type you want, then it will be easy for you to do ideal dog grooming. Here we are giving the pet grooming scissors key is getting a proper blade. Here these are

Thinning Shears

This type of shears works well on overgrown hairs on the entire body. All you can do is trim with it. You cant cut finer hair with it. This one is a must-have product in your grooming scissors collection.

Straight shears Edge

Straight blades give straight cuts with sharp shears. You can use it in those places where it is groomed before. Its blunt blade makes everything even easier than you think.

Curved shears

Curved blades have the most effective and durable edge blades. Its durable shears will ensure you can give your furry friend excellent quality grooming for extended periods. The curved design is one of the most popular and premium options. 


Pet grooming is known to be a delicate activity that requires some level of patience and endurance so as to achieve your desired result.

This means that some amount of time; possibly extending into hours might have to be invested; and you do not want to go through with some shears that aren’t comfortable or those that could cause motion injuries or blisters. So it is important to ensure that the removable comfort rings of those scissors are comfortable in your hands and shampoo your dog after grooming. Make sure to look for maximum comfort.

Blade Length:

Wondering why some scissors come with short blades while some have long blades? Well when it comes to pet grooming, do always remember that shorter scissors are small dog grooming tools that are primarily designed for small dogs while their longer counterparts are basically for larger pet breeds.

Blade material:

Different grooming scissors manufacturers make use of different materials in their production process with some made of stainless steel, titanium, chromium, and some alloy types. The material type would normally determine the sharpest scissors and strongest scissors, and so it is important to read up reviews or ask the manufacturer on the merits and demerits of the material from which your intended shear is made of.

Adjustable tension: 

Some scissors have the capability of having adjusted their correct scissor tension, while for some others this isn’t a possibility. Those with a tension that can be adjusted would mean that such scissors can be opened widely; thereby allowing you to do some more tricks during grooming.


Price has always been a constant factor when picking grooming scissors as the prices of shears differ greatly. There are cheap thinning scissors, expensive dog grooming scissors, and affordable grooming shears. It all depends on the amount you plan on spending on that pet hair scissors. For individuals who aren’t in the commercial business of grooming want to go at a reasonable price. There is a likelihood that you may not need to go for high-end shears, which may be more appropriate for professionals, but find the best affordable hair-cutting shears.

Above all, it is important to go through reviews, read up materials or speak with professionals before making an investment in grooming shears.

Safety Tips for Trimming your Dog’s coat with Grooming Scissors

If you are a beginner groomer and don’t know how to maintain safety while trimming your dog’s hair, then this part is for you.

  • You have to start trimming your dog’s hair with a thinning scissor. You can cut thin hairs with it. It will help you to trim your dog’s heavy coats.
  • For cutting curly coats, you can use a Micro – serration curved scissor. You have to know what type of coat your dog has. 
  • To keep your dog safe, you can use Round-Tip Grooming Shears. Round-tipped grooming scissors are not dangerous. Rounded blade tips make easy the grooming process. 
  • Use a brush or a comb between trimming. It makes things easy for you to gromming process. It will help you to cut any coat type.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know a strong and sharp scissors for dog grooming?

Grooming scissors come manufactured using a variety of materials which in turn determines their strength and sharpness. To know strong and sharp scissors, it is important that you contact the manufacturer to know the kind of material a scissor is made of and tips for safety.

How often should grooming scissors be cleaned?

You have to clean your shear kits 4 times a year. Remember if you clean their regular basis, then you can increase the service life of the broader blades, pet comb, and the other tools.

Are there grooming scissors that are safe for my dog’s paws?

Yes, there are scissors that are specifically designed with safety feature considerations especially when it has to be used on those delicate body parts such as the dog’s paw.

Can i use human scissors on my dog for grooming?

You should not use human scissors or regular scissors on dogs. They might do accidental poking or cause any cut to your dog’s skin. Moreover, they don’t have comfortable handles. You have to use professional pair of shears for your dog. These scissors with the comb and the removable ring will ensure you will feel comfortable.

What makes a dog grooming scissors good?

There are quite a number of factors that determine if a grooming shear is good, and some of these factors are the high-quality dog grooming scissors of the blade material, the comfort it provides when used, and the ability to use it for a prolonged time without resulting in any form of hand/wrist pain or a motion injury.


Grooming is one of those necessities when it comes to providing comfort and a good life for our lovely dog pets as it helps keep them looking good, healthy and in good shape, and in achieving this there it has become important to become aware of the different grooming options available out there.

With the help of these, you don’t have to go to professional dog groomers grooming salon every time. While doing this, you have to keep your dog’s comfort in mind. The best dog grooming scissors do not, however, have to be the most expensive shears variant in the market as that may turn out not to achieve its intended use.

In getting scissors for cutting dog hair, certain factors such as blade quality, ease of use, and many other criteria should, however, be put into consideration before making that purchase.

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