Best Dog Harness For Yorkies In 2021 – The Essential Buying Guide

best dog harness for yorkies

Yorkies are popular as town dogs. They enjoy traveling with their owners. They love to be next to them. Some people carry them in bags and designer carriers due to their size. But they also feel like to roam around like a big dog. And for that, you need to get the best dog harness for Yorkies.

But it is not easy to find the perfect dog harness for Yorkies because of their size. In this article, I am going to help you to find the best harness for Yokie.

Best Dog Harness For Yorkies In 2021

1. EcoBark Classic Dog Harness

Best Dog Harness For Yorkies

If you are looking for a durable harness for your teacup Yorkie, then you should check out this EcoBark Classic Dog Harness. This harness makes sure that your dog won’t choke when they are wearing this. It perfectly fits on that puppies. It goes well on that dog whose weights are 4 to 6 pounds.

This dog harness is 10.25 inches in the neck. This different fun color combination harness has all eco-friendly materials. All recycle products are the materials of this dog harness. Its straps are from recycled water bottles. It has highly durable mash fabrics. They will feel comfortable when they are wearing this harness.

You can make this wear with martingale collars on your dog when you are on a morning walk or walking on a beach. It won’t cause any discomfort to your dog. It has buckles that ensure extra safety. You can say this one is the best no-pull harness for Yorkie and also the safer option to use.


  • All Eco-Friendly Easy Control materials.
  • It has highly durable mash fabrics.
  • Anti rub technology with control innovation
  • Hypoallergenic stuff.
  • It won’t choke and is non-slip.

2. Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

When you are traveling with your Yorkie, and sincerely you care about its security, then you should get a harness that is perfect for travel.

This Pawaboo Dog Safety Harness has everything that you are looking for when you are traveling with your Yorkie. The plastic clip closure ensures your dog’s safety.

This heavy duty harness prevents them from jumping in the car by themselves. Even when you suddenly stop your car, it protects your dog from getting hurt. This harness is simple to put up and put off. So it can be an affordable option for you to use.

It has a detachable belt. And you work it in two ways. This harness has materials like oxford fabric, 100% polyester mesh material, and a broad sponge as a padded chest plate. Its hook is from premium stainless steel. It has all high-quality materials. It is a lightweight strap style harness, so they will feel maximum comfort while wearing this harness.


  • Prevents your dog from jumping in the car.
  • Easy to use.
  • A detachable belt that you can use in two different ways.
  • It has oxford fabric, 100% polyester, and a broad sponge for superior comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable and durable design
  • Stylish, durable, scratch-resistant oxford material outer layer

3. Voyager Soft Harness for Pets- Best for Cold Weather

Voyager Soft Harness for Pets

Do you want a posh and stylish harness for your Yorkie? Then you should check this Voyager Soft Harness for Pets. You can say this one is the best no-pull harness. It has considerably soft fabric that makes this harness comfortable to wear. They won’t feel discomfort while wearing this harness.

This soft dog harness is 6.5 Length x 0.5 Width inches. It has materials like corduroy and fleece. These materials are long-lasting. With this harness, you can encourage them to go on a walk every day. It has a quick-release buckle so you won’t have a hard time.

You can give a warm walk in the winter season. They won’t feel cold after wearing this harness. They will feel comfortable even in the winter season. It has a multiple adjustments system. So it will be easy for you to put on or put off this harness. It’s soft padding for comfort will make sure to give your Yorkie additional comfort.

It has an ergonomic design. You can wash this harness on a washing machine.


  • 6.5 Length x 0.5 Width inches.
  • Posh and stylish.
  • It has materials like corduroy and fleece.
  • Warm harness to wear even in the cold weather.
  • It has multiple adjustments system.
  • Machine washable.

4. BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness

BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Are you looking for a stable and reliable harness for your Yorkie? Then you should check this BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness. This harness is soft and flexible, but it is also durable and long-lasting. Some gear irritates the underarm area, but this harness won’t cause it. It is of excellent quality with its price. You can say this one is budget-friendly.

This harness is 3 inches on the chest strap and 8.5 inches at the neckline. This harness has soft air mesh for comfort and 100% polyester. It has a quick-release plastic buckle and adjustable chest belt that makes this harness easy to put on. You can do all the outdoor activities like walking, jogging, traveling after putting this harness on him. It will be a comfortable option to use.

It makes your dog feel comfortable and secure. You can control him very well. Its neck area is not flexible. So you have to adjust it in this way to get ultimate comfort. And make sure you check the perfect size before buying this.


  • Soft and breathable mesh fabric and 100% polyester.
  • It is 13 inches on the chest adjustable strap and 8.5 inches at the neckline.
  • Comfortable and secure.
  • The neck area is not flexible.
  • A quick-release buckle and adjustable chest belt design for durability

5. Puppia Soft Vest Harness B – Everyday collar

Puppia Soft Vest Harness B

This Puppia Soft Harness B is ideal for daily use. This vest-style harness has made in such a way not to choke. So you won’t have to worry about choking. Its D-rings makes sure that your Yorkie won’t choke from this harness. It is an excellent option if you are buying this for daily use. It has padded foam for comfort.

This harness is 11 inches in the neck and 15 inches in breast girth. Its vest has air mash. Its inner filler gives to have more comfortable than ever. This one is also the best in every aspect. This harness is not hard to wear. You can comfortably put this. It can bear sun heat smoothly. This harness does not wear out quickly after a few uses. You will get a variety of colors options. But before buying this, make sure you know your dog’s measurement properly. Wrong measures can bring risk.


  • It has attachment rings.
  • This harness is 11 inches in the neck and 15 inches in breast girth.
  • Simple, vest-style design
  • Its vest has air mash and inner filler.
  • Stylish and comfortable to wear with traditional collars

Types of Dog Yorkies Harness

If you have ever been into a market to get a harness for your Yorkshire Terrier, then you must have seen many types of harnesses. If you have no idea about harness style, then here is a simple guide about the different types of harnesses. These will help you to choose your favorite harnesses among them.

Vest Harnesses

Usually, small breed dogs need to use a vest harness because it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. These have polyester or soft nylon straps and mesh nylon. These will be strapped around your dog’s neck and back along with the buckle or Velcro closure. So it will not harm your dog’s delicate neck and sensitive skin condition. You can also get these for a toy breed.

Car Harnesses

Car harnesses are for those people who need to travel frequently with a car. It will give your dog protection when it is with you in the car. Car harnesses have an attachment clip, loop attachment, loop closure or handle where you need to attach it with the seat belt of your car even in a sticky situation. This one is popular among car owners.

Strap Harnesses

Strap style harness is one of the most popular harnesses that you will ever see in the market. Its design has both simplicity and versatility. You have to buckle it behind the back of your dog. This type of harness is lightweight and you can easily make it wear your dog. These have simple snap closure.

Escape proof Harnesses

Because of the size, it is easy for a Yorkshire Terrier to escape from the harness. With an escape proof harness, you don’t have to worry about it. It will perfectly fit in your dog’s body. So there will be a slim chance to escape. These are perfect to use with smart collars.

Harness leads

This one is popular among pet owners because of its all in one feature. It will wrap around your dog’s body without causing any neck injuries. After making it wear your dog, it will be impossible for your dog to escape from it.

Main Elements Of A Dog Harness For Yorkies

When you are going to buy a harness for your Yorkshire Terrier, there are some key features and qualities that you need to keep in your mind. They will help you to figure out which one you should get.

Reflective Material

A reflective collar and harness help you to spot your dog when there is a low light condition or in late night walks. So your small dog will be able to avoid any kind of accidents through it. These have both pad and reflective patch. It will have reflective trim for safety and reflective stitching that can help you to locate your dog. Reflective bands or Reflective strip and reflective thread can improve your dog’s visibility at night. Reflective harness are available in many neon bright color wide range of color options. You can choice 3M harnesses.

Soft and Padded Straps

Yorkshire has a thin coat. That’s why if you get a harness with soft and padded neck straps, then it will keep your dog protected. It gives your dog extra comfort. But before getting a padded harness, make sure it doesn’t cause any skin irritation.

Seat Belt Attachment

Some harness comes with seat belt attachment system. It is best to use when you are going to travel by car with your dog. It will keep your dog safe and secure.

No-pull ring

This dog is generally curious about everything. That’s why sometimes you have to pull them strongly, which can hurt them. That’s why it is better to use a no-pull harness. It is because it has no pull ring that can guide your dog to come to you.


If your harness has a sturdy handle, then it will help you to grab your dog whenever there is an emergency or dangerous situation. It is something that you especially need in the nighttime walks.

Comfort and Adjustability

Small dogs like a Yorkie find it hard to get a proper size harness. That’s why you need to get an extra small harness that you can adjust as per your needs. So that your dog won’t suffer from any problem regarding fittings. It would be better to get one with both front and rear leash attachment. Because rear handle and rear lead attachment will help you to control your dog.

Yorkie Harness Materials

There are different harness types of materials that you will see in the harness. But before buying any one of them, you need to have a full idea about sturdy material. So here you will have a short guide about it.


Leather material is one of the safest and comfortable that you will ever see in a harness. But unfortunately, it is rare to see an xx small size leather harness. It is expensive and high-quality.

Protective Nylon

Stretchy Nylon is one of the most common types materials that are used in a dog harness. A durable nylon harness is water-resistant and hot weather resistant. It is strong enough to use for a long time. High-quality nylon webbing also makes a sturdy harness.


Cotton is ideal for dogs with skin problems as it is an organic material. It is not breathable material like the other materials yet it does a great job as a harness.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric. It is a soft material but not as strong as nylon. But this synthetic material is pretty comfortable to wear for a dog. So you can use a polyester material dog harness for your dog.


Usually, people use neoprene as the padding in chest of the comfort dog harness. This one is like a rubber material so it will be comfortable for your dog as soft sponge padding.


A soft mesh harness is the most comfortable material for a dog. A lightweight mesh would be ideal to use. It will provide your dog with excellent ventilation.

Best Dog Harness For Yorkies – FAQ

How to put a harness on a Yorkshire Terriers?

At first, place your Yorkie on the ground. In this way, you can easily place nylon straps between the legs. Now move the harness upwards. Clip the buckle with the harness. Adjust the size so that it fits properly. Now attach the leash with the harness. There are also some available in custom-fit that won’t hurt your dog’s vocal cords. In this way, you can put on a harness easily.

How should you choose the suitable size harness for your Yorkie? 

If you are buying a harness for your Yorkie from the market, then it won’t be difficult for you to buy the correct size. And if you are buying from an online shop, then they will provide you a sizing chart. With that sizing guide, you can determine which size will be perfect because of the sizing reference. Measure the chest girth and dogs neck girth properly. Because neck size can help you to determine.

What type of harness should you buy for your Yorkie, who has collapsed trachea?

In this article, I have mentioned some harnesses for Yorkie. Most of them are perfect who is suffering from a tracheal collapse. These harnesses have created in such a way so, even if you pull them hard, they won’t feel anything. They won’t fall sick.

Which harness will best fit for teacup Yorkie?

Teacup Yorkies are small breed dogs. So most of them are, small in size. The products I have mentioned in the article are perfect for small breed dogs. So it doesn’t matter if they are normal or teacup Yorkie.

Is a harness required for small dogs like Yorkies?

Yes. Small dogs also need a harness for them. A harness ensures its safety. With a harness, you can have maximum control and take care of them. You can go on hiking, jogging, or even on a trip with your Yorkie without worrying about anything. So Yes those small dogs also need a harness.

Is there any legal requirement to make wear your Yorkies dog Harness?

Not every state has the same rule about this. But it would be better to get a harnesses with safety features and a healthy combination. Although Yorkshire Terriers are known as escape artists. But it would be better to get a harness that doesn’t give any sort of pressure on the dogs neck. You can also use harness-inspired design collars.


It is not easy to find a puppy harness size. So you need to give special attention to harness size. The products I have mention are perfect. So you can choose any one of them. Make sure the one you are choosing doesn’t cause undue pressure on your dog’s neck with its neck straps. I hope this article’s guidance will let you make a choice so that you can find the best dog harness for Yorkies.

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