The 12 Best Parakeet Toys 2022 (Things You Have to Know)

Keep your parakeets entertained with the best parakeet toys in the market. Giving them something to do ensures pet’s brain development. Several toy options stand out as a great exercise tool or an amusement. So, what is next? Check out for something more below!

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Which Parakeet Toys Are Best for Your Pet?

Choosing the best parakeet toys is crucial with a number of options. I searched for some top entertainment tools for budgies within a tough budget. Read on each product’s brief discussion considering customer’s opinions with pros and cons. Look out for what suits your pet at its best!

dcDalton Octagon Shaped Birdcage Mirror

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A solo parakeet has a chance to look for a companion. Adding a mirror inside the cage helps to satisfy the longing of the pet. Seeing its reflection on the mirror will make your budgie not to feel lonely. Keep in mind to test this out as your bird might be scared of their reflection.

Attach the mirror to the cage with its two metal hooks. It provides extra support to prevent the mirror from falling.

It looks more attractive than ordinary mirrors due to its beveled edges and interesting octagon shape. Birdcage mirror is not for physical amusement.


  • Sturdy metal hooks
  • High-quality clear glass


  • Broken pieces on some purchase

Prevue Hendryx Naturals Coco Hideaway with Ladder

Birds like parakeets love to hide sometimes. They tend to rest or form a nest inside a hideaway. It also enhances mental stimulation and physical play for the pet. The materials used are sustainable and safe without any tiny parts that could harm the bird.

Mount the coconut-shaped hideout to the side of the cage with the included clip attachments. Connect the wooden walkway to the coco hideaway. Your pet can easily climb towards its tiny home on the wooden ladder.

It generates a Hawaiian theme to your budgie’s home. Its natural texture encourages foot exercise.


  • A great relaxation spot
  • 100% natural made
  • Easy to mount


  • Mold infestation

Wesco Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy

Offer your parakeet something to chew on to enhance its beak health. This creature loves to chew for hours, so Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy could be a healthy toy for them. It lasts for a month upon hours of endless fun offered to budgies.

The toy so-called bird catnip is made of soft fibrous pithy wood and is biodegradable. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. Parakeets cannot resist chewing the toy in sharpening their beaks.

This toy is best for birds with a feather-picking problem. It alters the pet’s attention away from bad habits. Hang the chewing toy inside the cage.


  • Long-lasting
  • Prevents feather-picking habit


  • Not suitable for big birds
  • Dangerous rope strings

Bvanki Hanging Rope Toy

Most birds love rope toys to hang and swing on it. Rope toy is suitable for cages with many other toys because it takes only a limited space. Adding ever more toys in a birdcage is likely to happen.

It can be hung or mounted within the barred enclosure. Bvanki used up safe and colorful cotton material and steel wire in making the rope toy. It is shaped into a spiral swing, or in any form you wish. A small bell is also included.

No chemicals are added, so safe for chewing. It is so versatile to mount in a cage.


  • A rainbow-colored rope toy
  • Requires limited space
  • Safe for chewing


  • Can harm bigger birds

Kaytee Avian Forage-N-Play Ladder

Perhaps a wooden ladder might help to challenge your parakeet’s balance. Your pet can play around with this three-section wooden ladder. It is not a plain ladder but a perfect playtime toy for birds. Forage-N-Play Ladder fits on any cage size.

A quick-link attachment system results in a quicker assembly. It is a three-section ladder made with colorful wood beads. The ladder also features sisal, loofah, shredding paper, and rope attachments.

Metal hooks are used to hang the toy inside the cage. It eliminates birdie boredom and other unwanted behaviors.


  • Keep the birds entertained
  • Quick to assemble


  • Reports of broken pieces

AnnaEye Cage Hammock Swing Toy

A swing toy could be the best parakeet toys to add to a birdcage. It promotes much happiness toward your pet. The swing allows climbing and chewing activities, which budgies normally do. With a little cost, you will get two wooden swing sets and other pieces used in assembling the toy.

The pieces of wood are colored with edible dye painting. It can attract your parakeets for a long time. When the birds intentionally chip the paint, everything will be just fine.

Setting up the swing toy offers two options. You can use the acrylic pendant necklace or metal clasps to hang the swing. The prior seems unbreakable for a long time.


  • A pet-friendly construction
  • Has secured attachments


  • Incomplete trappings upon delivery

Living World Double-Sided Mirror with Bell

This double-sided mirror will work for parakeets without a pair. It is the second mirror toy on the list that offers extra features, equipped with a bell. Your budgie will ever feel lonely in its cage by adding a mirror inside. It could be the easiest hanging toy option you will see online.

It works by simply hanging it in a cage. This helps to stimulate your pet’s mental ability. It has visual stimulating color and produces alluring sound as the bell rings.

A downfall is found on its metal hook that could have made more robust. The bell can be easily removed by the bird even by accident.


  • Easy to install
  • Works as bird companion
  • Adorable double-sided mirror


  • Fragile metal hook

Bonka Bird Toys Pastel Millet Holder

Millet is known as the parakeet’s favorite snack. The bird toy enables the pet to play while enjoying a treat. It adds excitement for your pet all day long.

The beads are twisted in a spiral form and wrapped with millet, which is sold separately. It is pastel-colored that all parakeets enjoy. The millet holder is finished with a small bell.

It comes with a quick link for easy cage settlement.


  • Holds millet snack well
  • Low-priced
  • Adjustable


  • Millet is sold separately

JW Comfy Perch

Most birds love to play on a perch. It is a comfortable place for the pet for fun and various exercises. The rope is flexible and soft that supports joint health. The budgie can also climb on the rope with its grip strength.

Pets will be more interested in the brightly-colored perch. It is specially woven to hold its shape even when climbed on. Getting it ready for more hygienic use is easily done through hand washing.

You can install it in either way, horizontally or vertically. There are easy-to-twist plastic attachments for easy fitting in a birdcage. Cages up to 32-inches long can hold the perch. More size options are available.


  • It benefits bird’s feet
  • Offers strong grip
  • Has a pleasing appearance


  • Not recommended for aggressive chewers
  • Confusing size options

Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Bird Toy

Budgies love to swing for entertainment. This swinging platform so-called flying trapeze offers a new activity to your pet. It differs in appearance from the other bird swings. It has a meshed seagrass platform that is suitable for playing and dozing.

Toy should be hung at the center of the cage. Four colorful plastic chains are used for cage placement. There are multi-colored dangling toys attached to the trapeze for added attraction. The swing sags a little as bird lands on it.

Some say the platform shatters into pieces due to devoted chewers. The flying trapeze is, therefore, not suitable for birds with chewing habit.


  • Great to perch on
  • Entertains the pet
  • Large swing


  • Falls off quickly

Wesco Bird Kabob Carnival Swing

Bird Kabob Carnival Swing is more than a wooden perch, on which parakeets can chew the wood discs. It is a 2-in-1 shreddable toy that allows two activities in one toy, such as swing and chewing. Wesco suggests more time to monitor the budgies because of the potential hazards on its rope.

It is made of pithy wood, which is safe for parakeets’ beaks. The chewing toy is quite large to provide enough room for your pet. It is natural-looking with bright-colored accents to enhance its charm. The carnival swing is biodegradable and easy to replace at an affordable price.

The rope is responsible for holding together the wooden parts of the swing. This chewable perch swing can be easily destroyed through excessive chewing.


  • Versatile bird toy
  • Roomy
  • Natural-looking design


  • Demands extra supervision
  • Can be easily damaged

Paradise Featherland Knots N’ Multi-colored Blocks

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A brain-exercises bird toy is finally added on the list. It challenges your pet to untie the knots for fun. Plenty of tied knots are counted in which delivers longer time of activity. Parakeet’s creativity is encouraged by means of this toy.

Paradise Knots Block is great not just for chewing but also for pecking on and shredding. It consists of wooden blocks with colorful sisal and cotton ropes, tied together by a metal chain. This exciting bird toy can be a great cage decoration because of how it looks.

A pear hook attaches the toy to the cage, in which parakeets have no ability to open. The problem is on the paint that leaves stains when it gets wet.


  • Visually appealing
  • Encourages creativity
  • Offers many bird activities


  • Some knots are easily damaged

Things To Remember When Adding Parakeet Toys In The Cage

Purchasing the best parakeet toys will make you consider many things. All parakeet keepers’ prime goal is to constantly keep the pet happy and stimulated. Deciding which toy is best suited for parakeets requires a smart informed decision. Here are things to remember after adding parakeet toys in a cage:

  • Parakeets less consider a great deal of entertainment. With that, give your pet toys that will make them more lively and active. It is suggested to change their toys every once a week to avoid overfamiliarity.
  • Parakeets love to chew over time. Providing some fun toy with a treat to your pet is another effective way to make them happy. Other chewing toys are not edible but worthy to buy. Look for products that do not cause harm.
  • Perch-acting bird toys are highly recommended. Budgies long to rest on wooden materials inside a cage. By adding a wooden or cloth perch, the need will be satisfied effortlessly.
  • Swing is a great addition to the parakeet’s toy collection. There is nothing more exciting toys than movable ones to put in a cage. Keep an eye on its parts to see if your pet can live peacefully on it. If not, try looking for other brands.
  • Adding noise to the parakeet’s cage is an effective way to entertain the pet. It could be in the form of a small bell that produces enticing sound.
  • Put multiple toy items inside the parakeet’s cage. To keep them entertained for hours upon hours, perhaps a bunch of toys will help. Do not put too many toys that make breathing difficult for your pet.

With those previous tips, you can hope for the best toy collections for your feathered friend. Think of your budget before deciding which to buy. Wishing you luck for a good buy!

Final Words

To summarize, parakeets are like the other birds contained in a cage. Bird toys lessen the boredom feeling while making the birds happy and active. Consider the above tips to avoid spending in vain.

That is all! I hope this post changed your view in searching for the best parakeet toys on the market. Choose between chewing toys, perches, and swings suitable for parakeets. There are many more toy collections for budgies apart from the reviewed products. Seek it for yourself to widen your options.

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