The 14 Best Parrot Food & Pellets 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Parrots will eat everything but you should not feed them just anything. In fact, to keep your bird healthy, you should meticulously search for the best food and pellets for parrots. Doing this might require a little digging around since most bird foods have the same composition and they all promise similar results. We have carefully selected some of the best products on the market that will meet your parrot’s nutritional and health needs. But first, let us consider some of the factors to keep in mind when next you are shopping for parrot food.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Parrot Food and Pellet

Know What Parrots Eat

If the goal is to buy your bird the best food, then you should know what an ideal parrot diet is in the first place. Parrots are omnivores. An ideal diet for your bird thus includes:

  • Grain products: grains like cereals, oatmeal, pasta, rice, etc should make up 50% of your bird’s diet
  • Fruits and vegetables: parrots need up to 45% veggies and fruits in their diet. Some of the recommended options include pepper, cilantro, corn, cucumber and so on.
  • Diary and meat: parrots eat meats too. It is recommended that you include up to 5% of meat and dairy products in your bird’s diet.
  • Seeds and nuts: while parrots in the wild generally enjoy seeds more than any other type of food, experts say you should limit the number of seeds in your bird’s diet to 1% or less.

Of course, it is unlikely that you will find any bird food that meets these requirements completely. You must know how to check and analyze the ingredients list of any product you are considering. This way you ensure that it is at least balanced to a healthy degree.

Consider What Your Bird Eats

Like humans, birds have a varied diet too. Individual birds will have a specific preference. Most birds enjoy eating nuts more than pellets. Some parrots will eat pellets when mixed with seeds and other picky birds will not. Even the best food and pellet for parrots in terms of quality will not be good enough if your bird does not want it. You will merely be wasting money and food if you do not understand your bird’s preferences. However, no matter what your bird seems to like more, ensuring that it gets the most balanced nutrients is your responsibility.

Check for Potentially Harmful Ingredients

Bird foods with 100% natural ingredients is the best form of food for parrots. Hence, you should watch out for foods that contain preservatives, coloring, and chemicals of any kind.

Top 14 Best Food & Pellets for Parrots

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse 5lb

The Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse 5lb is a specially formulated year-round maintenance diet specifically for medium to large birds. This premium quality bird food is organic certified and is free from any form of chemicals including artificial coloring, flavors, and sweeteners that are common in other pet food. It is a maintenance bird food which means it is most suitable for adult birds that have completed a 6-month high potency formula. It has been formulated to fulfill all the basic nutritional needs to keep birds healthy.

The good: 

  • Maintenance formula for bird
  • Certified organic parrot food
  • Chemical-free

Not so good:

  • Product is a bit pricey

ABBA 1300 Bird Foods Large Hookbill No Sunflower Mix 5lbs

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ABBA 1300 Bird Foods advertises as a sunflower free food for parrots. This means you can feed it to your bird as part of its daily diet without fear of its safety. ABBA 1300 is made in the United States, not only does this guarantee quality but you are also sure that you are being delivered a fresh batch of parrot food when you order. To preserve its freshness, the product has been vacuum packed. Birds will find ABBA to be quite delicious. It also has an enticing aroma. This ensures that your bird eats well and reduced wastage.


  • Vacuum-packed to ensure freshness
  • Meets the daily nutritional requirements of birds.
  • Birds are likely to eat this food and finish it


  • May not be suitable for large birds

Harrisons High Potency Fine 5lb

Harrisons High Potency parrot feed is suitable for small to medium-sized birds. This premium food is specially formulated to meet your bird’s basic dietary requirements. It is 100% natural which means no artificial coloring, sweeteners preservatives, or any other type of chemicals was used. Each bag contains only the highest quality whole ingredients with no filler components that are bad for birds.


  • Organic certified
  • Maximum nutrition for small to medium birds
  • Contains top quality whole ingredients


  • You may find this product a bit pricey

Sleek & Sassy Garden Complete Pellet Parrot Food

Sleek & Sassy Garden Complete Pellet Parrot Food is made from a combination of top-quality ingredients. This includes protein-rich grains and concentrates rich in carbohydrates and fiber. This bird food also includes enzyme-rich ingredients that supply nutrients that include various types of vitamins and trace minerals. To increase the chances of birds accepting this food, natural fruit flavors were included in the formula. Instead of vacuum packing or using nitrogen flush, each bag of this product is oxygen-filled. This keeps the food fresh and ensures that the enzymes in the ingredients stay active hence optimizing nutrition.


  • Sold in oxygen-filled packs
  • Nutrient-rich grains
  • Natural flavors added to make more palatable


  • The product contains many small seeds

ZuPreem Pure Fun Bird Food

ZuPreem Pure Fun Bird Food has been formulated to meet the natural foraging instinct of your bird. Inspired by the natural diet of birds in the wide, this bird food also includes a variety of ingredients. In addition to seeds, the ingredients also include vegetables and fruits. These ingredients have been further fortified with essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.


  • Contains a variety of natural ingredients that birds love
  • Fortified with essential nutrients


Higgins Sunburst Conure Food

Higgins Sunburst bird food is another parrot food that contains a wide variety of ingredients similar to what birds would eat in the wild. This bird food includes pellets made from wholesome seeds, fruits, vegetables, and legumes among other healthy ingredients. It is also enriched with Omega-3 fats and DHA which are known to improve the digestive health of birds. It is the ideal food or treats for your parrot.


  • Contains a variety of ingredients
  • 100% natural bird food
  • Fortified with DHA and Omega fatty acids


  • Contains sunflower seeds

LAFEBER’S Pellet-Berries

If your birds are always rejecting pellets and eating seeds only, LAFEBER’S Pellet-Berries is a perfect alternative to consider. This uniquely formulated bird food is made up of 81% pellets and 19% berries. This includes real pieces of apricot, dates, and cranberries. This pellet-berry formula has the taste, feel, look, and even the size of natural berries. This ensures that it appeals to birds. This is a non-GMO formula and it is also free from artificial colors and flavors of any kind.


  • Birds find pellet-berries more appealing
  • Nutritionally enriched formula
  • Chemical and GMO-free


  • Picky eaters may still have issues with this food

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Parrot 8 Pound Bag

This bird food is especially recommended for bird owners who want their birds to have shiny feathers and healthy skin. Wild harvest advanced nutrition formula contains naturally healthy ingredients as well as nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.


  • Recommended for healthy feathers and skin
  • Balanced nutrients
  • Sealed for freshness


  • Does not contain probiotics and Omega-3

Kaytee Forti-Diet Parrot Food

Kaytee Forti-Diet was developed by bird nutrition experts and includes ingredients ideal for helping your birds get the right nutrition. It is made with wholesome ingredients and has been fortified with nutrients like Omega 3 for proper brain and heart functioning and other nutrients for a healthy and vibrant plumage. This product is naturally preserved. No chemical preservatives or additives were added. It comes in a large bag which quite an economical option.


  • Made with wholesome ingredients
  • 100% natural, no additives
  • Palatable taste


  • The product is lacking in variety since fruits and veggies are absent.

Volkman Seed Featherglow Large Parrot 4lb

This product is a premium mix of several wholesome natural diets recommended for healthy skin and plumage of large parrots. It is a safflower seed base and even though it isn’t a complete diet (since it lacks veggies and fruits) it is still an awesome and healthy food for birds. You will also love the fact that this product is dust free and clean.


  • Dust-free bird food
  • A premium mix of quality ingredients


  • It does not contain fresh fruits and vegetables

Great Companions Premier Macaw & Large Parrot 5 lbs

This bird food is a mix of seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. It is basically a mix of everything you want your bird to be feeding on and none of the bad stuff you don’t want for them. Not only is this product nutritionally complete, but it also has a flavor that birds will find irresistible. Great Companions Premier bird food is produced under the most hygienic conditions. The seeds and pellets are well cleaned and the product is bird free. No preservatives or chemicals were used in this product. It is also sugar-free which makes it safe and wholesome for your pet.


  • Contains a variety of ingredients
  • Free from sugar, peanuts, preservatives, and other chemicals
  • Dust-free


  • Contains sunflower seeds as one of the major ingredients

Higgins Intune Natural Food Mix for Parrots

Like the name, this natural food mix from Higgins is designed to be in-tune with your bird’s health and well-being. It contains healthy ingredients with nutrients fortified with probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Each bag of this product contains pellets that your bird will find quite irresistible and delicious. Thus, you can be sure that your bird will complete its daily portion leaving no room for wastage at all.


  • Fortified with digestive probiotics and other nutrients
  • Naturally healthy ingredients
  • Variety of ingredients


  • Ingredients may include GMO-seeds

ZuPreem Natural Bird Food

ZuPreem is one of the best-selling bird food brands and this natural bird food is one of the top quality offerings from the company. It is highly recommended by vets and pet dietitians mainly due to its premium quality ingredients and nutritional composition. It is an ideal everyday food for pets and has been formulated in the most quality controlled environment. This product is also quite affordable yet quality. This is another top reason why it should be on your list of considerations.


  • Comes highly recommended for large parrots
  • Nutritious and healthy
  • No chemicals included


  • Contains some dust

Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Parrot Food

This product is a mixture of some of the finest ingredients you can find in healthy bird food. This includes tropical fruits, grains, seeds, and vegetables that supply key nutrients that are as close to your bird’s natural diet as possible. This product also comes in an irresistible flavor that ensures that your birds keep on coming for more of its delicious and healthy meal. You will love the fact that this product comes in a resealable bag. This ensures that the freshness is preserved quite conveniently.


  • Has a great taste
  • Comes in a resealable bag for easy storage
  • Contains a variety of ingredients


  • Only comes in a single size bag


Parrots are omnivorous birds. This means you get plenty of options to feed your birds since they will eat anything from seeds to nuts or vegetables. Thus, considering a parrot’s varied natural diet you must supply food that is rich, diverse, and delicious. But even more importantly, ensure that you serve your bird the healthiest foods you can find around. Be sure to check the list of ingredients and nutritional information on any product you are considering. You should also read reviews to find the best parrot food and pellet that your bird will love.

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