Can Change Weather Make Dog Sick?

Do you know that weather changes can make a change in your dog’s behavior and make him sick? It can shift your dog’s mood. Your dog can sense that when the weather is changing. Heat, cold, and changing seasons can affect them like us. So yes, Change weather can make your dog sick. Sudden weather changes can make your dog feel weak. It can make him less active. Changing weather can also make him feel uneasy. He might even show some signs that will make you confirm it. It can also change your dogs mood. He might not behave like he usually does.

Shifting Seasons

Not every dog has the same capability to enjoy the weather as other dog does. Some dog loves summer season some doesn’t. For example, dogs like Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Komondor, Afghan hound, and Alaskan malamute try to keep themselves cool in the hot season as they are comfortable in the cold season. They are not active in the hot season.
But Italian Greyhounds, Greyhounds, hairless breeds, toy breeds, senior dogs don’t love winter season. They are more relaxed in the summer season. So when the weather starts to change, dogs don’t feel comfortable. And it can lead them to be sick.

Moving to a New Climate

You have to give some time to adjust to the weather when you are moving to a new climate. Season changes. And that’s why it becomes tough for your dog to adapt to the new situation. This one can change your dog’s mood. He will be more or less active in everything. Sometimes your dog can feel uncomfortable because of it.

Those dogs who are not familiar with cold weather can feel shocked when the winter season comes. It becomes difficult for them to cope with that situation. They might be looking for some warm place to rest. So they can get sick from that situation.

If your dog shows some signs that are not normal, then you should consult the doctor immediately. Sometimes it can lead him to a serious situation. And you shouldn’t ignore it.

Supporting Your Dog to Adjust

Only the owner can help his dog to cope with the weather. Like humans, dogs also need some time to adjust. And for that, you have to help your dog 100%. With your support, your dog can adjust easily.

Summer season:

As I have said, many dogs don’t feel comfortable in the summer season. And there are many ways to help them to adjust. And these are:

  • Don’t take your dog when the weather is too hot.
  • Keep fresh water with your dog. So that whenever he feels thirsty, he can drink.
  • You can get raised canvas platform dog beds for your dog. It will make them feel comfortable.
  • You can take your dog to learn swimming. It will help your dog to adjust to the weather.

Cold Season:

There also come dogs who don’t feel comfortable in the cold season. For them, you can do:

  • You can keep your dog in the warmest place in your house.
  • Clean the salt and ice balls off of your dog’s paws.
  • Make them wear warm clothes.

Whenever you feel your dog is getting sick because of the changing weather, make sure to visit the nearby vet.


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