Can I Give My Dog Vitamin C for Humans?

For a happy and healthy life, it is necessary to eat all nutritious food. Sometimes we also take extra supplements to fulfill all vitamins that we lack. But have you ever thought about if you can feed your dog human vitamins supplement or not? Will it keep your dog healthy or not? Or it will cause more problems for your dog.

If you have these questions in your mind and want to give your dog human vitamin C, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get your answer.

Can I give my dog vitamin c for humans?

Vitamin C is necessary for everyone. And the same thing goes for a dog. Vitamin C can prevent scurvy and many more things. Previously, doctors didn’t think about how much a dog needs to have Vitamin C. And that’s why they didn’t add it to the diet. They have only used it as a preserve for dog food.
So yes, you can feed your dog vitamin C that is for humans. There will be nothing wrong with your dog for it. And you don’t even have to worry about it. There are many benefits for your dog to have vitamin C in its diet.

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Benefits of Vitamin C to Your Dog

Your dog can’t tell what it needs. That’s why, as an owner, you have to figure out what your dog needs. As you know, Vitamin C is essential for health. So you can say it has many benefits that will help your dog to be in good shape. 

  • Vitamin C can prevent polio, distemper, skin infections, etc. It will make sure your dog doesn’t have to suffer from it.
  • It contains anti-carcinogen that will help you to prevent cancer and will make your dog’s immune system stronger.
  • It can help your older dog pr puppy to develop muscle and bone. And it can make your sog stronger.
  • Older dogs need vitamin C the most. It is because it is a highly recommended vitamin for them to have a healthy life.

There are also other benefits of having vitamin C for dogs. That’s why it is a must thing that you should include in the diet.

How Vitamin C Affects Dogs?

Vitamin C can improve the condition of your dog’s immune system. It can also enhance white blood cells. It has antibodies that will help you to eliminate all the toxic from your dog’s body, such as bacteria. And it will make sure your dog doesn’t get sick easily. So vitamin C positively affects your dog. So make sure to keep it in the diet.

Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. When something is related to your dog’s health, make sure you choose the best one for your dog. And there is nothing wrong to give your dog human Vitamin C.


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