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Top 5 Reasons You Should Adopt a Dog

Top 5 Reasons You Should Adopt a Dog

Adopting a dog is the best decision that you have made in your life. Studies have said dogs can make your life happier than anyone. They can comfort you when you are alone. They will never leave your side no matter what happens. So you will get a companion who will always be with you. […]

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Can A Dog See At Dark?

Can A Dog See At Dark

Have you ever thought about can the dog see in the dark or maybe how your dog can see in the dark? It is not impossible for a dog to view everything at night. But dogs can’t notice in the night better than cats. But it is obvious that they can see better than humans […]

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Why Every Kid Should Have a Pet?

Why Every Kid Should Have a Pet

If you think about it, then getting a pet for your kid is not a bad thing at all. Having a pet is a good thing. And there are many benefits for you to have a pet in your house. A pet can help your kid in many ways. A pet will improve your kid’s […]

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Why Do Some Dogs Like Belly Rub?

Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs

One of the best times for dogs is when you are cuddling him. They also feel special when you start to rub your dog’s belly. Your dog rolls over and over so that you can scrub its belly. It makes them feel comfortable, happy, and relax. But have you ever want to know why do […]

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass And Throw Up

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

We know dogs love to play in the grass. They love to roll on it. But what if one day you see your dog is eating grass, then what would do? The first thing in our mind will be, why do dogs eat grass? And the second thing will be, is it safe for your […]

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How to Exercise with Your Dog? (Top 9 ways)

How to Exercise with Your Dog

How to Exercise with Your Dog? Doing exercise with your dog is best for both you and your dog’s health. It gets hard to choose which type of activity is appropriate for you and your dog. Overweight can cause illnesses that you wouldn’t want to suffer along with your dog. Now you must be thinking […]

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Do Dogs Dream? If Yes, What do dogs dream?

Do Dogs Dream

We all know dog sleeps more than a standard human. But have you ever thought about the dog’s dreams? If they sleep for a long time, that means they should be able to dream. Maybe you have seen your dog’s cute dreamy antics when your dog is sleeping. So now, the question is, do dogs […]

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Do Dogs Feel Sadness?

Do Dogs Feel Sadness

Dogs can’t express their sadness like humans as they cant speak. But if you look at them carefully, you will know when your dog is sad and when your dog is not. You can understand your dog when you can read your dog’s body language. You will be able to describe your dog’s emotions. But if […]

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Do Dogs Get Colds?

In the cold and flu season, it is common for everyone to fall sick. At this time, we tend to get ill. But have you ever thought about your four-legged friend dog? Do they also suffer from cold? Or they don’t experience it. If you have the same thinking, then you are in the right […]

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