Best Dog Crates for Poodles in 2021: Reviews with Helpful Guide

Are you looking for the best dog crates for Poodles?

Poodles have multiple sizes. So you have to choose dog crate sizes by breed. To clear all of your confusion, in this article, you will get to know about top-rated dog crates that you can get for your Poodles.

Best Dog Crates for Poodles

1. Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Kennel

Best Dog Crates for Poodles

Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Kennel is one of the best plastic dog crates that you use on traveling for your Poodle. This crate is ideal for standard poodles. It has an easy-open latch that will help you to open this crate easily without any problem. There will be no hassle for you to unlock the kennel.

The size of the crate is 40 L x 27 W x 30 H inches. It can hold up to 70 to 90 lbs. It means this crate is the best for standard Poodles. You can carry your Poodle in this kennel without any problems. It will be convenient for you to travel.
As this kennel meets most airline cargo specifications, so you will not have any problems while traveling with your dog on a plane. Your dog will have proper ventilation on all sides of this crate.

With the durable comfort-grip handle, you can hold it properly without stressing your hands. It has a heavy-duty plastic shell and metal screws for both durability and stability. You don’t have to assemble it. Its plastic is lightweight.

2. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest dog crates are always the best for dogs. The same thing goes for your Poodle. It will make sure to provide your dog with safety, security, and comfort. It comes with heavy-duty slide-bolt latches that will make sure it properly locks whenever you are not at home. It will keep your dog safe and sound.

This one is a single door folding metal dog crate. You can fold it whenever you need to. It will also make a safe place for your dog to sleep and take rest. It will lock your dog inside in the crate. So that even if you are not at home, your dog will be safe and secure.

Its size is 42 length x 28 width x 30 height inches. A standard Poodle will perfectly fit into this crate. You can assemble this kennel easily without using any tools. This 42-inch dog crate is portable enough for you to use for a long time.

The durable design will provide for your dog’s instinctual ‘den’ instincts. Its rounded corner clips will make sure your dog doesn’t get hurt. You can adjust the size of the crate because of the divider panel. 

3. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table

With this dog crate furniture, you can use it as a crate and end table in your home. It will help you to decorate your room elegantly. You can as a fashionable piece of furniture. You can decorate your home as well as use it as furniture. In this way, you will be able to save some space in your home and room.

ECOFLEX always uses a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material for its furniture dog crate. That’s why this dog crate will not warp, crack, or split. You will be able to use it for a longer time than you think.

It has stainless steel tubing and a stainless steel latch that makes this dog cage durable as well as sturdy. If you get the large and X large size crate for your Poodle, then it has double latches.

This one is a 42-inch dog crate. It has a removable tabletop that will help you to keep it clean. It will provide a safe and secure hangout space for your dog. It does not absorb moisture. So, therefore, stains and odors in it.

4. Paws & Pals Dog Crate

Paws & Pals Dog Crate

For your toy and miniature Poodle, you can use this Paws & Pals Dog Crate. It comes with a split divider, multiple doors, and a versatile carry handle. This crate is 24 L x 17 W x 19 H inches. So this one is a perfect crate size for a miniature Poodle. Your dog will be perfectly fit into this crate without any discomfort.

It features a convenient space-saving design. So it will allow you to store without any problems. You can fold it in a flat shape whenever you are not using it for your Poodle. It is handy and comfortable to use for your miniature poodles.

As it has heavy-duty solid steel, high tensile strength wire, and a black electro coat finish, you can use it for a longer time than you think. It will be convenient for you to use.

You can easily set this up without any tools. It is extremely easy to setup. And you will be able to fold it. You can also take it whenever you are traveling with your dog.

5. AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal

AmazonBasics present you with the perfect dog crate that you would want for your Poodle. This dog crate comes with a single door that will make it easy for your Poddle to enter the kennel easily.

Your dog will have a front entry quickly. So there will be nothing for you to worry about when it comes to this kennel.

Because of the two slide-bolt door latches, you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your Poodle. Its metal construction is also sturdy. You can fold it in a flat shape whenever you don’t have to use it for your Poodle.

It has mini dividers on the bottom of the bottom perimeter to prevent Your dog’s paws from slipping through the crate. So it will keep your dog safe and make sure it doesn’t get out by itself.

This crate is 22 L x 13 W x 16 H inches. It comes with an optional divider panel and removable composite plastic pan. With them, you can increase the size of the crate and keep clean properly.

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What size crate should I get for a poodle?

You should choose dog crate sizes by breed. For middle-sized dogs like a poodle, you can get a 42-inch dog crate. A 42-inch dog crate will give your dog enough space to stretch in the kennel.

How long should my Poodle stay in his crate?

You can keep your Poodle in the crate only for a few hours. Better not keep them for a long time. It can cause anxiety.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to get top-rated dog crates for your Poodles. To get the best dog crates for poodles, you have to make sure you know about the quality of the product.

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