Do You Need a Medicated Dog Shampoo?

Some dogs are prone to skin allergies. No matter what they do, they suffer from skin problems. They need something much more than regular dog shampoo. A medicated dog shampoo is a blessing for these dogs. It can make a big difference to their skin. You can consult toa doctor before buying anything. 

What Is Medicated Dog Shampoo?

Before buying a medicated dog shampoo for your dog, you have to understand what it is. These types of shampoos have a formula that you can use to treat dog skin problems.

These types of shampoo have a base of water, surfactants, and emollients. They will help your dog to get rid of all the skin problems that they are suffering.

When you are using a medicated dog shampoo on your dog, you have to make sure you are keeping it on your dog’s skin at least 5 to 10 minutes. It will help your dog to treat skin problems fastly.

Why Would a Dog Need Medicated Dog Shampoo?

Sometimes your dog can have a severe skin infection. If your dog is suffering from allergies, fungal infections, bacterial infections, parasites, dry skin, then you have to use a medicated dog shampoo on your dog. If your dog has a condition that you can treat by using medicated dog shampoos, then any vet would suggest you use them.

The most common skin problems where you need to use a medicated dog shampoo are:
  • Allergies
  • Fungal and Bacterial Infections
  • Parasites
  • Dry Skin


Some dogs suffer from environmental allergies. For them, the only solution is a medicated dog shampoo. The ingredients contained in these types of shampoos are ideal for allergy problems. It will help your dog to reduce the allergic reaction and itching of your dog. If your dog has seasonal or year-round itchiness, excessive licking, hair loss, red, inflamed skin or hot spots, chronic ear, and skin infections, then it is more likely your dog is suffering from allergies.

Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Fungal and bacterial infections happen because of yeast and ringworm. Your dog can have hair loss, crusty skin, pimples, and itchiness because of them. You have to use an antibacterial and antifungal medicated shampoo for this problem. Make sure to treat your dog’s skin as early as possible.


Fleas and ticks, mites are known as parasites. It can live on your dog’s skin. For this, your dog can have intense itching, crusty sores, hair loss, and secondary infections. If your dog has this problem, then you should go for a medicated shampoo immediately.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can cause your dog’s itchiness. It can happen because of the excessive bath, imbalanced diet. You can treat it at home by using natural dog shampoo. Make sure to get a medicated dog shampoo that is gentle on your dog’s skin.

If you are using human shampoo on your dog, then you should stop it. The texture of a human’s hair and a dog’s hair is different. So it would be better not to use it on the dogs.


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