How Do Dogs Find Their Way Home?

There are many amazing stories about dogs find their way homes. And obviously, they are real. Some dogs are even able to find their homes after a few months, which is incredible. Now you must be wondering about how they can find their home after losing. What kind of ability they have that helps them to come home even after a few years or months.

Some dogs even find their home from a long distance. There must be some reason and abilities for them to find their way home when lost. Now in this article, you will get to know about it.

Now, if we think, then it is easy to say dogs have some extraordinary skills that help them to find their way back home. With these abilities, it is natural for dogs to come home. Now you must be wondering what abilities that dog has. There are two of their five dog senses that helps a dog to find their house after losing. These are:

  • By making a visual map
  • Sense of Smell

So now, you will get to know about the details of these abilities that will help you to understand everything. It will clear every confusion about how do dogs find their way home.

How Do Dogs Find Their Way Home

1. Sense of Smell

Dogs sense of smell are more developed than humans. Whenever you go on a walk with your dog, you must have been noticing that your dog starts to sniff. It is a way for them to know about that place. He knows about the smell of you and that place. So it becomes easy for him to find his way back home.

If you take him the same place every day, then it becomes natural for them to know about the path. He can find him heal quickly.

2. By making a visual map

Do you know that dog can make a visual map that can help him to understand the way they are walking? Yes, the dog has a specific ability that aids him to remember where their home is. When you take a walk with your dog, he takes a look at the surroundings too. It helps him to know where he is.

Dogs know the way of his home better than you. Their eyesight is as good as their sense of smell. So you can feel assured they know the way of their home.

Even if your dog can come home on his own after getting lost, you should take care of him properly. You have to look after him properly. It is because there are many cases where people haven’t able to find their lost dogs. So you have to be careful about it. If you have misplaced your dog, don’t wait for your dog to come home on his own. You have to try to maximize the chances of your dog finding his way back to you. 

Make sure to a microchip and a dog ID tag and collar with your dog. It will help you to find your dog fast.


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