Why Do Dogs Sit on Your Feet?

Some people think that your dog tries to dominate you when he sits on your feet or lap. In reality, it is just a myth. Sitting on your lap doesn’t have anything to do with dominating.

For some dogs, this is a way to bond with their owner. So whenever your dog sits on your lap, it means he is trying to create a strong relationship between you two. This type of behavior is a sign of a healthy bond between you and your dog.

As you know, there probably other reasons for your dog to sit like this on your feet or lap. For certain circumstances, your dog can do this type of thing.

Causes of Your Dog to Sit On Your Feet

There are some causes for your dog to behave like this. Now I will tell you some simple reasons for your dog to sit on your feet.

Revealing Their Love:

For a dog to sit on his owner’s feet is quite a usual thing. Maybe it is a way for them to show his affection and love for you. Like, you sit next to your loved ones.

Some dogs sit on their owner’s feet because they want to follow their owner’s slightest movement. Or maybe they want to stand up.

Sometimes your dog can find it comforting by sitting next to you. It is a way for him to feel relaxed.

Some dogs don’t like to sit on the bed or carpets. They prefer floor over anything. That’s why they sit on your feet. Maybe they find it warm by sitting next to the owner.

Separation Anxiety:

As we know, dogs suffer from separation anxiety. They have a fear of getting abandoned. That’s why they may sit next to you, making them feel comfortable. If you are confused about how you will know your dog is suffering from anxiety, then don’t worry. By watching your dog’s body movement, you will understand everything. In this type of situation, you must be with your dog.

Other than the fear of getting abandoned, your dog may get scared of the noise. And that’s why your dog is sitting on your feet to feel relaxed. Like the way, a child comes to his parent when he is afraid of something.

Make sure you don’t leave your dog alone in this type of situation. It can make things worse than it was.

Learned Behavior:

Sometimes your dog can sit on your feet to get some care of yours. This one is one of the normal reactions that you can get from your dog. Maybe your dog has learned physical attention newly. This type of behavior is one of the positive things that you can get from your dog. In this case, you won’t have to worry about your dog.

Remember, all your dog wants is some love and care from you. So whenever he sits on your feet or lap, don’t push them away. Give him the attention he wants from you. 


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