Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much More Than Humans

Dogs sleep a lot. And every dog owner knows about it. But have you wondered about why do dogs sleep so much? As we know, dogs have a simple daily routine. They need to wake up in the morning. After then, they have to go outside to revive themselves. Then they need to have some food and again go to sleep.

Because of these leisurely experiences, they become lazy enough to sleep a lot. They spend at least 12 to 14 hours for sleeping. So now you must have got your answer to why do they sleep so much. But there also other reasons that make sense for your dog to sleep so much.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much More Than Humans

Not every dog sleeps too much. Sometimes it depends on many things than you think. So yes. You have to consider those facts when you are looking for the reason why your dog sleeps so much. It depends on different factors for your dog to sleep. These are:

Dog’s age:

Adult dogs don’t need as much sleep as older dogs and puppies. Older dogs and puppies need at least 12 to 14 hours of sleep daily. Especially older dogs need more rest. It is because they get tired fast than adult dogs and puppies.

Dog’s breed:

Not every dog breeds sleep a lot. How much your dog will sleep depend on what type of dog you have. If you have brought a working dog that can guard your home, then he will sleep less than an average dog. So sleeping also depends on the breed of your dog.

Dog’s health:

Your dog can also sleep too much if he doesn’t feel alright or become overweight. Like us, your dog also needs some break and rest from work. So it would be better to let your dog take some rest from daily life.

Changes in daily routine:

If your dog has some changes in his daily routine, then he can also sleep a lot than average. It is because it can affect them. So it would be better to let them relax for a long time. It will help them to get their mood and energy level.

When You Should Worry About Your Dog Sleep Habits

But there will sometime be you need to be careful about your dog’s sleeping schedule. You never know the cause for your dog too much sleeping. Without any reason, your dog won’t take sleep. I have answered when your dog tends to nap. Now I will answer when you should worry.

Changes in Sleep Patterns

If your dog doesn’t sleep for too long usually but recently he is sleeping a lot then, you should worry. It is because without any reason, your dog will not change his sleeping patterns. There are some medical conditions like diabetes, and kidney disease causes the changes in your dog’s sleeping routine.

Inactive to Wake Up

If your dog is active, but recently he is slow to wake up, then this is the time you should worry. If your dog doesn’t feel motivated to wake up from the sleep, then you should consult a doctor.

It’s ok for your dog to sleep for a long time. However, if you feel your dog’s sleeping pattern is different than its routine, then you should consult a vet.


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