How Do Dogs Try To Communicate?

We humans can easily communicate with others. But for dogs, it is not that easy. They have to interact with others through their four legs and a tail. So it is difficult for them to do. That’s why you have to observe each move to understand them. It will help you to know about their mental status. You have to understand their body language. After then, you will know about what they are trying to say to the owner.

So in this article, you will get to know about your dog’s ten gestures that will help you to communicate with him or understand him.

How Do Dogs Try To Communicate

1. Tail posture

The most common way dogs try to communicate with others through their tail. With the posture, you will get to know what your dog is feeling. If your dog is slow wagging, then it means he is cautious about something. If he has a stiff tail held high, that means he is alert. With a low tail, he will let you know he is scared. 

2. Tongue flicking

Whenever your dog is feeling anxious or maybe trying to avoid conflict, he will do tongue flicking. Make sure not to confuse it with the guilt feeling. He can also do this whenever he feels his owner worrying about something. So whenever your dog is tongue flicking, you know what it means.

3. Eye contact

Most dogs try to communicate with their eyes. Whenever your dog is looking at you passionately, that means your dog wants your attention. Or maybe your dog is showing how much your dog loves you. If your dog tries to avoid eye contact, that means your dog is scared or uncomfortable about something.

4. Play bowing

If your dog is playing bowing toward you, then it means he wants to play with you. Or maybe it is your dog’s playtime. If you do the same thing with your dog, he would love it. It also means he is thanking you for some reason.

5. Sneezing and yawning

If your dog does misplace sneeze or yawns around you, then it means he is feeling uncomfortable for a purpose. So whenever your dog is doing this, make sure you look around why your dog is doing this. You will get the reason.

6. Rising bark

Rising bark means your dog is excited to play with you. Your dog can do this to let you know your dog’s playtime. Your dog is eager to play with you.

7. Raising a paw

Whenever your dog wants some care from you, he will raise his paw to you. And you will have to give him proper attention.

8. Carrying things to you

Sometimes your dog can carry his things to give you. It means he is giving you a gift from his toy. It is a way of showing his affection to you.

9. Leaning against you

Your dog leans against you whenever he wants some cuddle from you. As your dog can’t hug you, so he does this often.

10. Freezing

Sometimes dogs can freeze suddenly. It means your dog wants some time alone for it. Your dog wants some space.

These are some common ways for dogs to communicate with others.


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