How do I stop my dog from ruining my furniture?

Should You Get A Dog Couch Or A Dog Coach?

Is your dog ruining your furniture?

Do you find yourself constantly having to buy new furniture or reupholster the old one because of those pesky four-legged friends that just seem to take pleasure in destroying the couch, chair, and even the bed?

… Yeah.

I know that our dogs are adorable, and it’s hard to be mad at them when they’re chewing on the furniture.

But, I also know what you’re thinking: “How can I stop my dog from ruining the furniture?”

Well, we’ve got some tips for ya!

In this blog post, we will help you find the way to convert your dog from a restless teenager that chews on the couch to a laid-back adult who simply enjoys sitting on that same couch while you’re watching your favorite TV show together.

All it takes is a few simple steps and no more worries about expensive items being destroyed!

Let’s read!

Don’t Skimp on Chew Toys.

Dogs chew things because it is a) fun, b) their way to keep their oral hygiene, and c) to exercise their jaws.

For teething puppies, chewing is a way to relax and make their gums more comfortable.

Therefore, if you don’t want your dog to ruin your furniture, find something else for him to chew!

Instead of a pillow or couches, your dog should chew and ruin its toys.

However, it might take time to find out your dog preferences.

If you are getting a chew toy, avoid lamb and chicken bones because the dog may break the bone, and the small pieces may get stuck.

You can use nylabone or dental chew sticks. They seem to work for most dogs!

Kongs and balls can also be great chew toys, as long as you find the appropriate size for your dog.

Also, never give your dog an old piece of furniture or item to chew.

For example, if you give your dog the old pillow to chew, your furry friend won’t know the difference between old and new pillows in the future!

Use Direct Commands

When you catch the dog in action, be very specific with the words you are saying.

If you already have a command your dog obeys and stops misbehaving instantly, use it!

For example, you can say the dog’s name and the words “Stop!” or “Leave it!”

If it works in the park, it will work in your living room as well!

Spritz Mist On The Furniture

Did you know that dogs don’t like certain smells? Also, their sense of smell is much more intense than humans.

You can add a small amount of store-bought dog repellent sprays on the furniture to hold the dog away from things you want to keep safe and sound!

Additionally, you can always make your spray.

The combination of white vinegar and citrus essential oils will work like a charm!

Mix a minimum of 20 drops of citrus essential oil with two tablespoons of white vinegar.

Add a little bit of water to mix everything easier.

Pour into a spray bottle and use it to mark the forbidden territory for your dog!

Check If Your Dog Is Sick

Sometimes, when a dog suffers from a certain nutritional deficiency, it can increase its urge to chew.

That is why your furniture comes next!

Also, some intestinal parasitism can cause behavior similar to excessive chewing on furniture.

Chewing things, including sofas and chairs, may help nauseated dogs cope with discomfort.

If your dog looks sick and has other changes in his behavior and suddenly starts eating your furniture, visit a vet to rule out diseases.

Provide Distraction

Sometimes, dogs chew furniture (or anything else they come across) because they are bored or they suffer from separation anxiety!

You can easily find out if chewing is the consequence of anxiety if your dog only chews things when you’re away.

Also, you can dedicate one toy for the dog for the time alone.

When you leave home, give the dog that special toy so he can be distracted and entertained during the alone time.

You can also find some mental stimulation toys for your caring friend to play with when you’re away.

Classic Kong toys can be a solution or invest in some more advanced toy puzzles, which should keep the dog busy for hours.

Punishment Isn’t The Answer!

Punishment is never the solution because your dog won’t know why you punished him!

Chewing things, including your furniture, comes naturally to dogs, so they won’t connect the punishment with their actions.

You’ll only stress your doggo and make other methods less successful.

In the worst-case scenario, your dog can start ruining things out of despair and anger for being punished!


We all know the dreaded moment when we walk into our living room and see that the couch has suddenly turned into your dog’s new chew toy.

It’s not really surprising if you think about it. Dogs like to chew things, as we’ve already mentioned!

But hey, it doesn’t have to be like that forever, as long as you decide to solve this issue! Take these six tips and resolve this problem, now and forever!

Johny Rivera

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