How to Pick Out Large Dog Beds for Giant Dog Breeds?

Dogs like Great Dane, Saint Bernard, or other giant dog breeds need a much larger dog bed than the other dogs. That’s why you should look out for a large dog bed for a giant dog. You will get to see many types of large dogs bed in the market. Among them, looking for the best large dog bed is a bit tough.

Before buying a large dog bed, you need to know about two things.

  • Types of Larger Dog Bed
  • Things that you should consider

These two things will help you to choose large dog beds for giant dog breeds.

Types of Larger Dog Bed:

You will see different types of dog beds in the market. But there are mainly three types of dog beds that you will see in the market. Before you are thinking of buying a large dog bed, you should look at each of them at once.


The fiber-filled dog bed has been stuff with cotton or the other fibers. This type of dog bed is a traditional pet bed. At first, your giant dog will feel comfortable in this dog bed. But this type of dog bed is not ideal for a large dog breed.

Orthopedic Beds:

Orthopedic Beds are the best for giant dog breeds. This type of bed becomes soft after a few use, making your dog feel comfortable. It also helps your dog to deal with his hip or joint pain.

Elevated Cot-Style:

Elevated cot style dog bed has many benefits such as it makes your giant dog feel comfortable in the summer season. It also helps your dog to get rid of his hip or joint pain.

Things you should consider before buying a large dog bed

After knowing the types of dog beds, now you should think about the features of the dog bed. You will see many dog beds in the market. And each of them has its specialties. So you have to consider them before buying a large bed for your giant dog.


It is better to get a dog bed that is from western Europe or the USA. Most of the dog beds that come from this region are the best and durable. Unmistakably, other places also produce the best dog beds. But then again, it is better to get from there.

Washing Method

Dog bed’s washing method should be simple as it gets dirty quickly. Make sure you get a dog bet that comes with a removable cover. It will make things pretty easy for you.

Thicker Foam Layer

The thicker bed, the better it is for your dog. It will not get flat over time. Make sure the dog bed has at least four inches thick foam. But six to seven inches dog bed would be better to consider.

Durable Cover

Large dogs have solid grips. That’s why they can easily tear the dog bed cover. So if you get a dog bed with a durable cover, it would work for a long time.

No matter what you buy for your large dog, make sure he is feeling comfortable in it.


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