Top 15 Most and Least Popular Dog Breeds in America

Dogs are great as a companion for everyone. They are loyal and friendly. There are the least popular dog breeds among everyone. Everyone knows these dogs as they are very popular. This article is all about the most popular dog breed in 2020. The list you are seeing is the public voted list. So I hope, you all will be enjoying this article.

Top 15 Most and Least Popular Dog Breeds in America

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are best as a pet. They can play with kids and give them support. All you need to do is give them proper attention.

There are three types of Golden Retrievers are available. And they are English, American, and Canadian. They are a great hunting companion. They like to play fetch.

Golden Retriever

They have a double coat, which is soft to touch. But the problem with them is they shed a lot. That is why you should get the best shampoo for Golden Retrievers to stop shedding. 

Because of their long coats, you need to groom them daily. At least you should groom them twice a week. You should take some time to brush their coats and detangle them.

They have a high risk of joint problems. So you need to get the best bed and crate for Golden Retrievers. It will help them to rest well. And they can get rid of joint problems.

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2. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are one of the most recognized breeds in this world. They are kind of aloof and suspicious in front of strangers. But they are the most obedient dog to the owners.

German Shepherd has separation anxiety. So don’t keep them alone for a long time. They are intelligent. So You do need to keep them busy by learning, playing, and working.

German Shepherds

They shed a lot. Some people call them German shedder. So buy the best shampoo for German Shepherds to stop shedding. And try to brush them three or four times in a weak.

Don’t chain or tie them. It will make them even more frustrated. They have itching joint problems. So an Orthopedic foam bed would be nice for them to use.

You can give them a crate train. But remember, the crate should be big enough for them to roam around. So that they won’t feel any suffocation towards it.

3. Bulldogs

Bulldogs are a little bit stubborn and lazy. But if the dog is mature, then he is willing to go on a walk with the owner. Make sure to keep them busy by learning, playing, exercising, and working.

They can not tolerate heat and rain. So you do need to make sure about the weather before going out with him. They don’t like overheat or damp places.


Bulldogs have sensitive skin. So before using any product, do a patch test. They have short coats. So it is easy to maintain. But make sure you do need to wipe him daily and wash inside the creases.

Their shedding level is medium. Just brush once or twice a week. It will be enough for them. And get them the best brush and shampoo for Bulldogs. Give them nail care and dental hygiene. It will be enough for them.

You can give them an Orthopedic couch sofa bed. As I have said before, they love to sleep. So these types of beds would give them comfort. You can also get a crate for them to give crate training.

4. Great Dane

If someone asks you which dog is the tallest, then I guess your answer should be The Great Dane. It is one of the tallest dogs from all the breeds.

They are friendly, keen to entertain, people-oriented, easy to train, and reacts well to training. They are positive about everything. They are naturally protective when they sense the threat.

Great Dane

They have a short, thick, glossy coat. They don’t shed that much. So you can brush them once in a while. But that does not mean you don’t have to take care of them. 

Any kind of product suites on Great Dane except if he has an allergy. They have small coats. So they don’t detangle. But you can brush them to avoid any further problems.

They are big and tall. So you should get a large size bed and crate. Don’t keep them on the crate all the time. They love to roam around. Even if you keep them on a crate make sure it has enough area to walk around.

5. Husky

Despite having many characteristics that can make them challenging, Husky is an excellent breed. People describe them as escape artists. Because they can escape very well.

They can run away from home in a second without knowing anyone. They are a spirited breed. They are also funny. They can behave obediently in the class. But at home, they disregard commands.


During some times in the year, they can have heavy shedding. But on the other times, they have low shedding. That’s why you should use the best shampoo for husky. It will stop all the shedding.

And as they have a small coat. So brush them frequently. It will help them control shedding. Make sure you get rid of all the detangled that cause distance to them.

They love to roam around. So make sure you give them a crate train. The crate should be chew proof as they love to chew things.

6. Greyhounds

The best hunting dog breed is Greyhounds. They are known for a hunting partner. Although they specially for hunting, but they can accept home life after a certain age when they are abandoned. Nearly every year, retired Greyhounds get sold to laboratories. But they are great as a family pet.

They have thin coats. So you don’t have to worry about brushing them or shedding them. But it is necessary to take care of their hygiene. You need to bath them daily.

They are not socialized and they may have some problems in front of many peoples. So give them some time to socialize with the other peoples.

They get low to average shedders once in a year. Just take care of them at that time. You can let them be in a crate for a while. And make sure to give them a chew-proof bed.

7. Poodles

Cute, adorable, friendly all these things go perfectly with Poodles. They are playful but with elegant personality and sharp intelligence. Because of this type of nature, they are easy to train. They are very sharp-minded. The poodle is not a snob. Poodles are great family dogs. They are known for their intelligence.

They can socialize with other peoples well. But spoil them. Make sure you give them training every day.

Poodles need to keep beautiful and healthy. That’s why you need to take care of their diet. Normally a poodle owner takes them to a professional groomer to groom them. Poodles weepy eyes can stain the coats. To get rid of these stains, you need to wipe their face daily with some warm water or a pet weep.

Make sure you give them a proper bath with the best shampoo for Poodles. Take them to the groomer every six weeks. Brush them twice in a week.

8. Pitbulls

Pitbulls are family-friendly dogs. But you need to give them training before taking them out. Thet can socialize with other peoples pretty well. But before getting a Pitbull for you, you need to make sure you can give them proper attention. If you can’t give them, then it is not a wise decision to get them.

Because of their aggressive behavior towards other dogs, you need to keep them on lashes. That’s why you need to give them proper training before socializing.

They can get allergies by fleas, grass, pollen, and dust. So you should properly take care of them. And make sure you are bathing them daily. Get them a bath with good shampoo.

They have a serious chewing problem. So get them a heavy-duty bed and crate. So that even if they chew it, it won’t ruin. You need to give them exercising and training daily.

9. Beagles

Beagles are common dog among the small breed dogs. They look like a larger foxhound. It is difficult to give them housetrain. Some Beagles even take more than one year. That’s why you should give them crate training after getting them at home. Beagles noses control their brains. They love to eat. So you need to maintain their diet.

Beagles are loving and gentle. But they are a bit stubborn than the other dogs. They bark a lot. That’s why you need to give them proper training before getting them home.

They need proper care. Beagles don’t shed. But it will be beneficial for you if you give them a brush once a week. It will help you to maintain their look. You should bath Beagle with dog shampoo that suits them.

If you are looking for a dog that can guard your home, then Beagle is not a good option.

10. Yorkie

Yorkie has a spunky personality that makes it cute and adorable. They think they are a big dog and starts to fight with everyone. That’s why you need to train them. It is hard to give them housetrain. They are fragile and their digestive systems are also delicate. So you need to be careful about diet.

Yorkie has a high level of shedding once or twice in a year. They have a long coat so you should get the perfect Yorkie shampoo for them and bath them twice a week.

Their coat is very long, silky, and smooth. It looks glossy. You should brush Yorkie hair several times a week. It will stop from getting tangled. And stop the shedding.

You should give Yorkie professional grooming once in a while. It will keep them maintained. A professional groomer can help you to look after them. You can give Yorkie a small dog bed with an adjustable crate.

11. Dachshunds

Although Dachshunds has an innocent look. But they are pretty stubborn. Dachshunds dogs are standard size dog breed. It is difficult to give them housebreak. They have an independent nature and playful spirit. They are quite as smart as a dog. They are ideal for hunting. Sometimes they can be mischievous. So you need to have some patience to train them.

They can have extreme shedding sometimes. And at that time, you have to become extra careful. You have to use the best shampoo for Dachshunds. It will cure the problem.

You also need to give them brush time to time. They have a medium size coat. Try to make sure they don’t get tangled. They don’t so socialize unless you train them.

Dachshunds are fat prone. So you should take care of their diet. Make sure they don’t jump from high places. Sometimes they do loud and deep barks.

12. Labs

Due to Lab’s high-grade reputation, most people think they don’t need training. But it is actually a not good idea. They should get training at least 30 to 60 minutes of daily training and exercise. In this way, they can use their energy. They can play with children’s toys. They have high spirits.

Labs are a hyperactive breed. They don’t escape. Rather than they love to stay with their owners. But it is better to give them obedience class when they are a puppy.

They shed too much. So you should get a good shed preventing shampoo and a vacuum cleaner. With the vacuum cleaner, you can clean all the hairs.

You need to brush them regularly and once in a while, you should groom them. Take care of their diet list what they should eat or not. Try to visit the vet frequently for a monthly checkup.


As a domestic dog, Rottweilers are perfect. They can be friendly as well as protect your house from the thieves and bulgers. You need to train and socialize your Rottweilers because some people may think he is aggressive due to their looks. You should give them daily training and exercise. 

They have a small coat. But due to the weather, sometimes they can shed heavily. So try to make them neat and clean all the time. It will prevent their shedding.

Because of their short coats, you don’t need to groom them daily. But at least you should groom them twice a week. You should take some time to brush their coats and groom them.

They have a high risk of joint point problems. So you should get them the best dog bed and crate for Rottweiler. It will help them to take rest well. And they can get rid of itchy joint problems.

14. Doberman

Doberman is a medium-large breed. It is not heavy-footed. They have a lot of energy. That’s why they need to do exercise for a long time. Doberman is an amazing family dog. Sometimes it can be protective and aggressive towards the stranger. But once you get familiar, it will be your best friend.

They are kind of wary to cold weather. At this time, they love to stay somewhere warm. They do not like damp places. They would love to get sufficient shelter.

People think Doberman as being vicious. This is not true. They are allergic prone. So you should take care of them. The products they use for their allergy should be consulted from the vet.

Sometimes they shed a lot. So you can get them a shampoo that can prevent shedding. You should also groom them from time to time. Brush them once a week. You can also visit a professional groomer.

15. The Great Pyrenees

If your house has large yards, then you should consider bringing The Great Pyrenees. The Great Pyrenees can not adapt to apartment life. They require a big place to live in. Don’t even off-leash this dog. Because it has wandering tendencies. He can go anywhere as he wants. His thinking is independent.

They are difficult to train. They are not perfect for new or nervous dog owners. He should have a sharp mind owner. He needs to train with positive support.

They need 20 to 30 minutes of exercise for a day. He can live well in cooler environments as it has thick coats. It sheds a lot. So you should use proper shampoo and brush to reduce the amount of shedding.


Most of the least popular dog breeds in this are family-friendly. And some of them also can protect. These dogs are so adorable that you can even fall in love with them. Just hopefully, this article has helped you to find the least popular dog breeds.


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