How to make an old dog comfortable?

Take care of a senior dog is a little bit difficult. It becomes hard to deal with your dog at this time. You have to be extremely careful about everything. And the most important thing is you have to make your old dog comfortable. There are many ways to make your old dog comfortable. And now you will get to know about it.

Use Elevate Water & Food Dishes

Elevate water and food dishes make it comfortable for your old dog to eat. Once your dog becomes old, it becomes difficult for him to bend down and eat food. Elevate water and food dishes will make sure your dog doesn’t feel any pain while eating dog food.

Keep House Warm

When your dog becomes old, he starts to loos a large amount of hair. It can cause him to feel cold as there is a lack of warm coats. So you have to make sure you are keeping your home warm enough to make your old dog comfortable. You have to take care of your old dog especially in the colder winter months.

Cut the Sharp Corners and Objects

Dog loses their awareness once they become old. Sometimes he can bump into any sharper corner or objects. It can cause him pain. Even he can get injured because of it. So it would be better for you to eliminate all the sharp corners and objects from your house. You can also use protective covers and foam to make sure your old dog is safe.

Keep Home Clean and Germ-Free

The chances of your dog getting sick are high when he is old. Their immune system gets weaker day by day. At this time, if you don’t clean your house properly, it can cause your dog sickness. So you have to make sure your house is free from germs and bacteria.

Provide a better bed

The joint pain of your dog increases as his age. So it would be better if you provide him a high-quality orthopedic dog bed. It can help your dog to get joint pain and aches. It is important for an older dog to get enough sleep. If you provide him a better bed, it would give support and comfort to the joint of your dog.

Do some exercise

To keep your old dog fit, you should let him do some exercise once in a while. Exercise can make your dog’s joints loose. And it will help him to walk comfortably even in his old age.

Give better protection from weather extremes

Extreme weather can make your dog suffer. So you should do every preparation that will help your dog to cope with any situation. Keep a fleece blanket and dog boots for the winter season to make your dog feel warm.
And in the summer season, you should keep clean, fresh, and cool water. So that it can keep your old dog hydrated.


You have to make sure you are grooming your old dog properly. You need to bath him properly and keep him clean. So that there will not be lumps and bumps on his skin.

Some little steps can make your dog feel comfortable. Hopefully, you have considered all these facts to keep your old dog healthy.


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