What To Do If Your Puppy Chews On Everything?

Most of the dogs love to chew. At this time, they don’t consider what they are munching. Because of this, the owner of the dog has to suffer from losses. If your dog is behaving like this, then this is the correct time to stop him. Now you must be wondering how you can stop them. Well, don’t worry. It is because in this article, you will get to know about it.

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1. Be attentive to your dog

You have to be attentive to your dog. Otherwise, you will never know from when your dog is starting to chew on everything. If you are alert about your dog, then you can stop this habit of your dog. No matter what you are doing, you have to check out every movement of your dog. In this way, It will be easy for you to protect your dog.

2. Check the situation

You can’t always be at home to take care of your dog. There will be several times when you have to leave your dog alone. So how will you know whether your dog is chewing something or not? That’s why you have to keep your dog restricted. You have to give him crate training so that he doesn’t eat anything carelessly. You also need to provide your dog potty training in case you are out from home for a long time. 

3. Rule Out Medical Problems

Sometimes your dog can behave like this due to serious medical problems. So if you consult a vet about it, it would be better for your dog. It will help you to cope with your dog’s behavior. And you will be able to help your dog to reduce this problem. So make an appointment with your doctor and check up your dog. It will help you to figure out the situation.

4. Leave your fragrance behind

We all know dogs suffer from separation anxiety. That’s why they want their owner to be with them all the time. And it is impossible. After living alone in a house for a few hours, they start to have anxiety and stress. Due to this, they begin to chew everything is in front of them. So if you spray some fragrance of your in your dog toys, then they feel their owner is with them. It helps to calm them.

5. Keep away anything that a dog can chew on

You have to keep away anything that a dog can chew on. From kid’s toys to wallets, purse everything. Don’t let your dog go to the bathroom. It is because there will be many things like cleaning products. Like these, there will be many things in your home that can harm your dog’s health. So if you keep them away, it will be better.

6. Choose dog toys carefully

Some dog toys can cause choking. So you should choose dog toys carefully. Usually, dog owners buy dog toys to help their dog’s chewing habits. There will be many plush dog toys, Nylon bones, rubber dog toys you will see in the market. Make sure your dog’s toys don’t get shed after a few usages. You have to choose an age-appropriate and durable dog toy for your dog.

7. Promote Appropriate Chewing

You can encourage your dog for appropriate chewing. You can stop your dog’s behavior in one day. So you have to be patient about it. As previously mentioned in this article, you should get some chew toys for your dog. It will help your dog to chew something whenever he wants. And your dog will not destroy anything in your house.

8. Control inappropriate chewing

You have to control your dog’s chewing habit. You have to make sure your dog is not eating something that your dog should. You have to make your dog understand which is appropriate and which one is inappropriate to chew. Once your dog understands, it will be easy for you to handle this type of behavior. Sometimes it can be hard for you. But keep trying.

9. Do not give an old shoe or old socks to chew on

Some owners give their old shoes or old socks to their dog to eat. But this behavior is not acceptable. It can be harmful to your dog. Your dog can also chew your new and expensive shoe due to its habit. 

10. Make Your Dog do Exercise daily

By doing exercise daily, your dog will not feel bored. It will also help your dog to get rid of its chewing habit. Make some time to play with your dog. It will make your dog happy.

Hopefully, these steps will work for you to stop your dog’s chewing habit.


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