The Best Dog Bowls for Flat Faced Reviews 2021

Best Dog Bowls for Flat Faced

Maximum pet parents love the idea of having a flat faced dog as they are cute and adorable. But the problem arises when they have zero ideas about flat-faced dog health and getting the best dog bowl for flat-faced. It is not wise to give them food in a regular or in a traditional dog bowl. It is because flatfaced dogs suffer from Brachycephalic. And it can cause them chocking food.

Sometimes it gets difficult for your dog to eat food on a regular because of the food spilling habit. And it is hard for a flat-faced breed to have food on a flat surface because it can knock over the bowl. If you have these problems, then the only solution for you is getting a flat faced dog bowl for your dog.

So here we are giving you the list of the top ten best flat-faced dog bowls that you can give your dog.

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The Best Flat-Faced Dog Bowls of 2021

In this article, you will get to know enough information about the flat face dog bowl and how you can correctly search for them. We have tried to give you some knowledge about an enhanced dog bowl buying guide. It has a detailed review of the top ten best dog bowls for flat-faced.

1. Super Design Mess Free 15° Slanted Bowl

Best Dog Bowls for Flat Faced

This slanted dog bowl has an ergonomic 15 degree tilted design. It makes the food concentrate on the bottom that will make it easy for your flat-faced dog to eat food properly. You can also reduce the risk of bloat and indigestion. It’s perfect for messy eaters or adorable squished nose dogs who find it hard to eat food in a traditional dog bowl.

Due to the higher round arc design, it will be impossible for the food to overflow the edge. This dog bowl can hold up to 1/2 cups of dog food. So this one is ideal for small to medium dogs.

As it has a heavy-duty stand with non-slip feet, it will be hard to turn over for your dog. Because of the design, it will be easy for your flatfaced dog to eat the food from this bowl. Both melamine stand and stainless steel are a prime material of this bowl, so it is easy to clean.

2. YYHY Ceramic Raised Food Bowl

YYHY Ceramic Raised Food Bowl

The tilted angle of this dog bowl keeps food piled or falls to the center. It makes it easy for your flatfaced dog to eat food from the bowl without making any complications. It also helps keep the food from being pushed off the bowl. Your dog will make less mess while eating food from this one.

Because the stable base is wider, so it will be secure eating for your dog. You can use this ceramic dog bowl on the microwave as it is microwave proof. You can use a dishwasher to keep it clean. This ceramic dog bowl is free from lead and cadmium.

Your flat faced dog will get a perfect eating position with this one. It will reduce the neck burden and allow your dog to sit comfortably while eating food. As it has the right height, so it will give a suitable posture for your dog’s stomach. Your dog will vomit less.

3. PETKIT Elevated Food Bowls

PETKIT Elevated Food Bowls

With this raised dog bowl, you can allow your flatfaced dog to eat food and drink water at the same time without any complications. This 0/15° raised food bowls will offer your dog healthy eating and licking habit. Its simple and elegant Nordic design will make a great decoration at your home.

This dog bowl has a suitable feeding height, so your flatfaced dog will feel comfortable while eating food from the bowl. It is especially if your dog suffers from arthritis, neck, and back problem. You can reduce your dog’s neck burden with it.

The bowl is 5.4 inches wide and 2.36 inches deep. The deep and wide shape of this bowl will reduce fatigue. And round edges make it easy for your dog to eat food. AS this bowl is transparent, foods are visible. And the 4 skid proof rubberized grips at the bottom will make sure it doesn’t slip on the floor.

4. Enhanced Pet Bowl for Stainless Steel Bowl for Flat-Faced Dog

Enhanced Pet Bowl for Stainless Steel Bowl for Flat-Faced Dog

The material of this enhanced pet bowl is 100% safe for your dog. The quality and design both are ideal for flat-faced dogs. Your flatfaced dog will enjoy eating food from this one. Your dog will also love to eat food from the bowl.
This enhanced pet bowl is 10.9 x 10.9 x 3.2 inches. Although this dog bowl looks huge, it can cover up your dog’s needs. It has the right size that will give you the perfect result you need.

As it contains stainless steel, so it will be better than any other dog bowls. It has a rubber ring, so you will be able to prevent skidding when your dog is eating food from it.

5. YMAXGO Elevated Ceramics Tilted Dog Bowls

YMAXGO Elevated Ceramics Tilted Dog Bowls

The design of this ceramic tilted dog bowl makes it convenient for your flat faced dog to use. It makes it easier for your dog to eat from this bowl. It has anti-slip mats that will help your dog to prevent slipping food from the bowl. As it has an open design, so your dog can eat the last piece of the food.

The dining table of this dog bowl contains environmentally friendly plastic. The bowl has ceramic. You can attach the table and bowl with a non-slip mat. They will also prevent this bowl set from slipping.

You can give two cups of dog food in this dog bowl. It will be easy for you to clean this ceramic bowl as it is dishwasher safe. So it will be safe for you and your dog to use.

6. Love “N” Creatures – Slanted Dog Bowl

Love "N" Creatures – Slanted Dog Bowl

With the slanted design, it will be easier for your enhanced face dog to eat food from this dog bowl. You can prevent your dog’s messy eating habits. Because of the design, it will be not easy for your dog to overflow the food.

It contains a gripping opening that will allow it to hold on to your hand easily. So your cute squished nose dog will find it easy to use and have food in a comfortable position.

You can use it whenever you are going on a travel with your dog. It is lightweight, so you can carry around it with you.

7. ProsperDog Elevated Dog Dish

ProsperDog Elevated Dog Dish

This elevated dog feeder comes with two ceramic dog dish that looks both elegant and stylish. Its head-down stance will help your dog not to feel unnecessary discomfort and pain. Your dog won’t even have to suffer from bending down pain.
Although these ceramic dog bowls don’t do the job as an enhanced dog bowl, because of the stand design it will give your flatfaced dog a proper position. Your dog eats food from the corner because of the square shape.

These bowls are easy to clean. There are no harmful chemicals so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s health.

8. Bone Dry Hungry & Thirsty Pet Bowl

Bone Dry Hungry & Thirsty Pet Bowl

This ceramic dinner set comes with two dog bowls. It contains Porcelain Ceramic that contains no harmful chemicals. It is also easy to clean with a regular dishwasher. Overall it works great.

The silicone rim at the bottom will keep your dog’s bowl from sliding around on the floor. And make sure your dog doesn’t mess the floor by overflowing the food.

It has some fun prints that will encourage your dog to have food from the bowl. These bowls are 6.75 L x 6.75 W x 2 H inches. Ideal size for a regular flatfaced dog.

9. Ourpets Company Tilt-A-Bowl Stainless Steel

Ourpets Company Tilt-A-Bowl Stainless Steel

This tilted bowl has oversized with the front flat part that makes it comfortable to eat food for a flatfaced dog. The additional sloped edge of this bowl will be incorporated into the bowl’s back end.

It has a special feature that allows your dog to access the food quickly. It will aid your dog in better digestion. Your dog will not suffer from bloating or any other health issues.

This one can hold up to two and a half cups of dog food. It will provide with your dog a better result that you are looking for your dog. So it will work perfectly.

10. YMAXGO Ceramics Single Food Feeding Bowl 

YMAXGO Ceramics Single Food Feeding Bowl

You can use this dog bowl for a larger flat face dog. It will hold up to seven oz of water. Because of the design, it will not overflow foods or splash water on the floor.

This dog bowl has specially made for flatfaced or enhanced face dogs, so it will help you to maintain your dog’s appetite. It has a rubber bottom. So your dog won’t be able to knock it over.

It is rust and odor-free. It will be a great alternative to plastic and stainless steel. This type of dog bowls are also easy to clean.

What are Flat-Faced Dogs?

Those dogs who have short snouts-like nose are flat-faced. People usually call them brachycephalic. They have a smaller upper jaw and a longer lower jaw. So the muzzle looks flattened or squashed inside.

Pugs have flat faces naturally. There are other dogs like English Bulldog, Shih-Tzu, Boxer, Boston Terrier, English Mastiff, etc who have a flattened face or smushed ears. Some of them have a semi-flat face.

You may find flat faced digs cute. But because of their nose, they find it difficult to breathe like the other dogs. Their nostrils and windpipe are much narrower. Because of the small nostrils, it is hard to use the nose for breathing.

That’s why sometimes, you will see your dog huffing and wheezing while sitting somewhere. Most of the time, it happens when your pooch is eating food. Regular dog bowls have walls that make it hard for them to eat food.

Problems With Traditional Dog Bowls

Like the other dog breeds, flat-faced dogs cant eat food in a regular dog bowl. There are many problems with them with traditional dog bowls. So make sure not to encourage them to eat food in a regular dog bowl as it can create more problems than you think.

Here we present you some of the common problems that your flat faced dog can suffer from eating in a regular dog bowl.


Your flat face dog can find it hard to drink and eat food from a traditional bowl. It is because it doesn’t go with their physical structure. They have to force to bend down the face, which is not a good posture for them. So it will cause discomfort. It will give some extra pressure on the neck.


Usually, a dog vomits when it doesn’t consume enough food. Maybe because of the discomfort, your dog starts to eat less food. And that’s why it starts vomiting.


Flat-faced dogs have short and narrow airways, so it is not hard for them to choke the food. Some food pieces can go through their airways. And then they will choke the food.


If your dog finds its bowl is causing discomfort, choking, vomiting, and other health issues, then it can stop eating on the same bowl. That’s why you can say a traditional dog bowl can cause underfeeding.

Extreme Gassiness

An uncomfortable bowl and its position can cause your dog bloating. It can also make some digestive problems. And then your dog will suffer from excessive gassiness.

Why Do They Need Enhanced Dog Bowl or Flat-Faced Dog Bowl?

Flat-faced dogs are different than the other dog breeds. A regular dog bowl walls make it hard for them to eat food while breathing. Sometimes it can cause them hard to breathe, which is not good for health. That’s why your dog will try to eat faster that will cause choking, bloating, and other problems.

Tilted dog bowls and slanted dog bowls allow the dog food to gather at the same place. It will make it easy for your dog to have food properly without causing any problems for your dog.

You can also try a shallow bowl for your dog. It has a smaller side that will help your dog eat food easily.

How Flat-Faced Dog Bowls are Different?

Have you ever wondered about what is so special about a flat-faced dog? The main reason for using a flat faced dog bowl is it has a wide opening. Because of it, it will be easy for your dog to eat food. Tilted bowls make sure your dog doesn’t smear his food on the nose.

The slanted back makes sure your dog can breathe while eating food. So overall, flat faced dog bowls are a lot different than a traditional dog bowl.

How to Choose a Flat-Faced Dog Bowl?

There are a few things that you need to consider while choosing the best flat faced dog bowls.


The stability of your dog should be enough to make your dog’s mealtime comfortable. Make sure to choose a dog bowl that will not slide down when your dog is having food.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning your dog’s bowl is a daily chore for you. So you have to get a dog bowl that is easy to clean. Make sure to get a dog bowl that you can clean with a dishwasher.


Your dog can be a messy or rough eater. Your dog can also destroy its bowl. That’s why you have to get a bowl that can endure everything.

Travel friendly

If you love to travel with your dog, then you should go for a lightweight dog bowl. It will be easy for you to carry around.

FAQs About Flat-Faced Dog Bowl

What is Brachycephalic?

Brachycephalic is a medical condition that can cause short-nosed dogs and cats hard to breathe. It will also add anxiety that will increase breathing and heart rate. Sometimes it can also lead to lead to a life-threatening situation.

Are slanted dog bowls better?

Slanted dog bowls make it easy for a dog to eat food without spilling. A slanted angle dog bowl can give your dog a better posture that will give your dog proper digestion.

What is the cost of a flat-faced dog bowl?

If you are thinking about the cost of the flat faced dog bowl, then you need to keep in your mind that cost depends on the quality of the product. Durable stainless steel dog bowls are expensive than plastic ones. Make sure to get a dog bowl that is equal to 15 degrees angle.


All the bowls that are mentioned in this article are best for flat-faced dogs. A proper dog bowl can make your dog’s mealtime enjoyable and satisfied. So it is up to you which one you would love to select for your dog because all of them are the best dog bowls for flat faced.


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