How To Be A Good Dog Neighbour: 10 Tips For Being A Good Dog Neighbor

Once you are new to someplace, it becomes hard for you to adapt to that place. The same thing goes for your dog. It becomes tough for him to cope with that place. And then he starts to make mistakes that make you a non -friendly dog neighbor. That’s why you should be prepare before moving anywhere.

In this article, you will get to know about some tips that can make you a good dog neighbor.

10 Tips For Being A Good Dog Neighbor

1. Keep Your Dog’s Tags and Vaccinations Up To Date

Suppose your dog has bitten someone and, then they got to know that you are not keeping your dog’s vaccinations up to date. It can make anyone upset with you and your dog. That’s why you should vaccinate your dog from time to time. Even if it is a new place, your first job should be finding a pet clinic.

And then keep a dog tag where you should write your dog’s name, your address, and phone number. In case your dog is lost in a new place, you can find him quickly.

2. Learn about local pet laws

After moving to a new apartment, you should learn about the local pet laws there. There are many places where have rules regarding dogs. So it would be better if you do some research about it. You should also train your dog as the laws. You need to obey the rules of your new place where you will be living. 

3. Be Proactive

You have to make sure you are introducing your neighbors with your dog well. We all know dogs are aware of strangers. That’s why it would be better to do it as soon as possible. A friendly chat can make a good impression on you. It would be best for you. And you need to be proactive about it.

4. Use Fences

It doesn’t matter if your yard is small or large. But It would be a great idea to install fences in your backyard. It will secure your neighbor’s kids from your dog. It is not like your dog is dangerous for them. But it would be better to do everything safe for your neighborhood. And if you like to do gardening, then this should be the first thing that you need to do.

5. Keep the barking Down

No matter what you do. But it is the nature of your dog to bark. Some do it excessively. It can be a disturbance for your neighbor. Make sure you are not yelling at your dog when he is barking. You have to make him understand in a calm voice. You can reward him once he stops. You can get professional trainers to train him.

6. Exercise

You should make your dog exercise from time to time. It will keep him busy. And after the exercise, he will be tired for a long time. And then he will sleep. A tired puppy is a great puppy. It is because it can help you to get rid of many problems such as barking at night without any reason. So make sure to do exercise with your dog. It can buildup a relation between you two.

7. Walk In The Park

Use a leash whenever you are walking with your dog on the road or a park. It is because walking without a leash is dangerous for your dog. And also it is against the rule in many cities. Make sure the harness a leash you are using for your dog is well-fitting. Taking a walk in the park can make your dog’s mind fresh and happy.

8. Carry Poop Bags On Outings

Carrying a poop bag is a great idea for every pet owner. Even you don’t want somebody else’s dog poop in your yard. And cleaning your dog’s poop in someone’s backyard or road means how much you are courteous and responsible. Not cleaning can irritate your neighbor and also it will show how irresponsible you are. It can also lead to damage to your relationship with others.

9. Training

Proper training can make your dog well-behaved. It also makes everything easier for you. An untrained dog can cause many problems for you. That’s why you should hire a professional trainer for your dog. It would work best for you.

10. Keep your pet checked at home

Sometimes your dog can cause problems when he is alone outside. He can damage the soils, flowers, or vegetables in your neighbor’s garden. So you should make sure your dog is at home. And he doesn’t go outside of the yard.

Although these are basic steps, these are effective. Start everything little by little. Dogs are adorable. With the right steps, everyone would love and care for them. And you also can be a good dog neighbor.


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