Why Do Some Dogs Like Belly Rub?

One of the best times for dogs is when you are cuddling him. They also feel special when you start to rub your dog’s belly. Your dog rolls over and over so that you can scrub its belly. It makes them feel comfortable, happy, and relax. But have you ever want to know why do dog likes belly rubs? And why do they enjoy it?

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Why Do Dogs Love Belly Rubs?

At first, you need to understand why your dog is showing its belly. When your dog looks excited and starts to show its belly, that means your dog wants to communicate with you. Showing its sensitive parts means your dog trusts you. So whenever your dog rolls over on its back and offers you its belly and tries to read your mind, it means your dog is trusting you.

There are no specific reasons for your dog to get a rub on its stomach. Sometimes your dog wants it because it loves the feeling. Your dog feels your dog is your close person. It makes your dog happy and relaxed.

Stroking your hands on your dog’s stomach sometimes means you are grooming your dog. Sometimes when your dog feels itchy on its belly, your dog wants you to rub on its itchy area. So make sure to give some stroke on your dog’s stomach whenever it wants.

What If Your Dog Doesn’t Like Belly Rubs?

Not every dog likes to be touched on its sensitive area. There are many reasons for it. Some dogs don’t want it based on their past experience. Some don’t want to expose anything. This one is a usual thing for your dog. Not all the dogs want or like the same thing from its owner. So you don’t have to worry about your dog if your dog is like that.

Like humans, dogs also have preferences when it comes to giving or receiving their love and affection. Even if your dog doesn’t want to expose its sensitive parts, it doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t like or trust you. It simply means your dog is not ready for that or doesn’t like it.

So even if your dog doesn’t want belly rub from you, don’t force him to do it. Sometimes it can make things worse than you think. Give some time to your dog to figure out.

If you have a good relationship and you go out for exercise with your dog, it may reduce belly rubbing.

How to Give a Great Belly Rub to a Dog

Now you must be thinking about how you can give your dog belly rub that makes your dog feels comfortable around you. In this way, you can become closer to your dog than you think.

Step 1: At first, check if your dog needs belly rub or not. If your dog doesn’t want it, then don’t force.

Step 2: Now, you have to kneel in front of your dog. Now lose your mussels and relax.

Step 3: Now, with your open-palmed, rub your dog’s belly in circular motions and dog try to communicate.

Step 4: You have to do this like for five seconds, and then stop.

Step 5: Take a break, then do this again until your dog wants to stop it.

Now you must have known why your dog likes belly rubs. Hopefully, this article has helped you.


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