Why Won’t My Dog Eat His Food?

It becomes distressing when suddenly your dog stops eating its food. There are many reasons for your dog not to eat its food. You will many causes for your dog to lose its appetite. And sometimes it causes a huge health issue for your dog. If you are worried about your dog because it has stopped eating, then this article is ideal for you.

Why Won’t My Dog Eat His Food?

Dog’s Illness

Sometimes your dog can lose its appetite because of illness. Your dog can be sick. And that’s why it starts to lose its hunger. Your dog can have a stomach ache or maybe food poisoning. Perhaps, your dog can have severed sicknesses like tumors or cancer, systemic infections, pain, liver problems, and kidney failure. This one can be the reason for your dog not to eat his dog food.

Recent vaccination

Vaccination can help you do prevent many diseases your dog can suffer. But sometimes it can give your dog adverse effects. Like temporarily lose appetite. Your dog may don’t want to eat its food for somedays. But don’t worry. This effect only lasts for some time. So you don’t have to worry if your dog refuses to eat its dog food after getting the vaccination.

Dental disease

If you don’t take care of your dog’s teeth, it can suffer from dental disease. It can create an effect on your dog’s food habits. It may be hard for your dog to swallow its food. So it can be a reason for your dog not to eat its food. Make sure to check out this problem. Take care of your dog’s dental health.

Pickiness or behavior issues

Some dogs are picky about their food. They eat only specific dog foods. So if you don’t get the dog food they like, they won’t eat. Maybe your dog is one of them. And that’s why it doesn’t want to have it.

Sometimes your dog won’t have food because of behavior issues. Your dog can have depression or maybe other problems that make your dog lose its appetite. So you should check out about this problem.

Travel and unknown surroundings

If you are traveling or moving to a country that is unknown to your dog, then your dog can lose its appetite. Your dog maybe is not feeling comfortable in the new place. Some dogs get motion sickness. And that is the reason for your dog not to eat its food. The new area can make your dog nervous.

Owner Absence

Some dogs are too loyal to their owner. So if their owner is not in front of them when they are eating food, they won’t eat it. They must be waiting for their owner to have dog food. So yes. It can be a reason for your dog not to eat food.

Now you must be thinking when you should seek professional help. If your dog doesn’t eat food for a long time or there are some abnormalities in its behavior, then you should go to a vet.


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