Why Your Dog’s Weight Really Matters?

Anything is less or excess is bad. It goes for everything. An overweight dog experiences many problems in its life. They can’t enjoy any fun family activities with its owner. Other than this, your dog can have health problems. He can have diabetics, arthritis. Even your dog can have depression because of it. So yes. Your dog’s weight matters when you are concerned about its health.

Weight isn’t a developing issue.

If you think that weight is just a developing issue, then it is not right. But when your dog is overweight, it can cause many problems. Overweight means your dog is not fit. Your dog will not be able to move anywhere comfortably. Even it will be difficult for your dog to do basic things. So yes, weight is not a developing issue. You have to be careful since your dog is a puppy. It is because it will be late for you to make your dog fit and healthy.

Main Problems with Overweight Dogs

There are many problems with overweight dogs. But if you make a list, then it falls into two categories. These are the main problems with overweight dogs. These are 

  • Health
  • Money

Now you must be thinking about how these can be the main problem with overweight dogs. Now you will get an explanation about it.


We know health comes first. When a dog gets overweight, it becomes difficult for it to do daily activities. It gives your dog a shorter life. Along with it, the quality of your dog’s life also decreased. Your dog can have high pressure, diabetics, heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, cancer, and many more things. So overweight can impact your dog’s life negatively.


Money also becomes an issue when your dog is overweight. When your dog gets overweight, he becomes ill. You might need a large amount of money to treat your dog. It also increases your dog’s vet care expenses. And obviously, your dog starts to eat more than an average dog if it is overweight. To make your dog’s health in good condition, you have to get premium quality foods. It cost huge money.

Solution for the problem

Every problem has a solution. Maybe you are late to fix the situation. But you can treat your overweight dog. Not everyone knows what they should do to help their overweight dogs. Lack of knowledge can make the situation worse than ever. That’s why you should exercise with your dog and visit a professional. But there are somethings that you can do on your own to help your dog. These things are simple but useful for your dog.

Measure your dog’s food

You have to get a measuring cup to give your dog food. These cups will help you to give your dog an appropriate amount of dog foods. But as your vet, how much food you should provide for your dog or not. It will help you to give your dog food no more or no less.

Cut up on the dog treats

This one can be tough for you to do. But you have to do this for your dog. You have to cup down all the dog treats that you give your dog. You should avoid the treats that contain high fat and sugar.


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